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A Quick Guide to Understanding Keyword Search

understanding keyword search

A keyword is a word or phrase that people use to search for information online. If your company’s online content features the right keywords, those searchers have a greater chance of finding your website. It’s one of many criteria that search engines factor into their algorithms that determine rankings on search result pages. Content must be created around keyword topics and searches. Every topic on every web page should be related directly to a specific keyword. It’s crucial for search... Read more »

Why Your Content Marketing Isn’t Working

content marketing not working

Websites are everywhere. Millions upon millions of them. Your goal is to have potential new customers find your website through search engines. But it doesn’t seem to be working as well as you expected. Or if they do find it, they don’t stay long before clicking away. That’s because the name of the online marketing game is not selling your products or services… it’s selling your content. Content marketing means sharing material that people want to see/hear/read and that grabs... Read more »

Look at Your Marketing Analytics Again with Fresh Eyes

Satisfied With Work Done

Trying to determine the exact effectiveness of your marketing has always had its challenges. Aside from understanding graphs, tables, and pie charts, there are digital analytics that are not even close to being simple. Many business owners consider these numbers to be a major IT bottleneck. Digital marketing analytics problems often stem, not from misunderstanding the numbers, but from misunderstanding what exactly digital marketing analytics are and how they can help you in your marketing. It’s time to look at... Read more »

Think Email is Old Hat? Email Marketing Rules the Roost

email marketing

Email marketing has long been the tried and true method of getting information to a large audience. People used it for online marketing even way back when Al Gore “created” the Internet. Why? First, because it’s free. Add to that, many people have multiple email accounts. There are over 3x more accounts linked to an email service than the combined users of Twitter and Facebook. With email marketing, you’ll get a larger chunk of customers clicking through to see your... Read more »

Your Call to Action is… Always Use Call to Action

"Do it!" key on the computer keyboard - call to action three-dimensional rendering

If the idea of a gigantic green button as a marketing call to action seems a little silly… IT WORKS. When you’re selling a product, instead of using a typical button “Add to cart” button, try a large button that takes up about 1/3rd of the page. I’m not kidding. It stands out. And green is associated psychologically with go, money and savings. Maybe change the color of your button to better suit the color of your web page. But... Read more »

Blogging for Marketing – Avoid Mistakes to Reap Rewards

blogging for marketing / blogging mistakes

Yes, blogging is still an important part of online marketing. Effective blogging works to keep your online presence and SEO optimized. It’s also good for being in regular ‘touch’ with clients and followers, letting them know about products, deals, specials, thoughts and issues. Ineffective blogging has a negative effect on your marketing. This is probably why some people think blogging is useless – because they’ve been doing it wrong! Blogging for marketing is as much about avoiding mistakes as it... Read more »

The 10 Most Asked Questions About Hiring Digital Marketers – Pt. 2

hiring digital marketers

Still have questions about hiring a digital marketing firm after we answered the five most common ones about it? Here are the answers to the next five questions. Outsourcing your digital marketing just makes sense. Create better brand identity that shows through in web design and content while attracting more hits, getting ranked higher, and converting leads into buyers. Will I Like Working With a Digital Marketing Agency? Taking the step to hire digital marketers involves a significant shift. You... Read more »

The 10 Most Asked Questions About Hiring Digital Marketers – Pt. 1

hiring digital marketers

In today’s world, your business needs every advantage that it can get. Marketing changes almost every day mainly because digital marketing has taken over. Therefore, hiring digital marketers to help your business get ahead simply makes sense. They’ll work with you to create a brand identity, produce campaigns, design your website, create online content for SEO, and much more – all to gain you more hits, get your site ranked higher, and turn lookers into buyers. We’ve done some leg... Read more »

Digital Marketing Trends for 2017

digital marketing 2017

It’s an understatement to say that digital marketing has seen a lot of progress over the years. It has actually taken over and dominated the majority of marketing that businesses do 2016 saw lot of digital marketing developments,from virtual/augmented reality to the mobile world almost destroying the old desktop ball and chain. Digital marketing in 2017 is set to continue developing apace. But which trends from 2016 will make a reappearance in 2017 and what new trends will topple some... Read more »

Psychological Techniques to Convert Customers & Increase Sales

psychology boost conversions

One thing is always true about human beings: we have a psyche. Knowing how that psyche works, then creating marketing techniques based on it, is crucial to sales success. All successful marketing has convinced people that they want something. There’s nothing new to the concept of using psychology to boost conversions. Subliminal messaging has been around a long time, as has direct mail (now done as highly effective email campaigns), and many other techniques. Converting customers is about using the... Read more »