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Online Marketing Strategy Not Working? Keep Producing Lots of Content

Not every online marketing campaign can be a hit. As you work to pinpoint out exactly why one campaign struggled to generate hits and leads, keep producing content. Lots of it. Don’t back off your blogging, email marketing and newsletter efforts just because you’re puzzling over a failure. To improve SEO and attract leads, you need content volume. For marketing purposes, it’s always essential. Content is Everything Content is king in online SEO and marketing. And you need content volume... Read more »

Dense Content for Simple and High Quality Marketing

Want better content for better marketing? Use half the words to say twice as much. That’s the essence of dense content marketing. Start By Being Original Too much information on the internet gets repeated, often verbosely. Visitors to websites notice that much of the content they read can be found other places but with some of the words changed to try and sound different. Indeed, some writers shamelessly lift content from other blogs/sites and reword it. But content like this... Read more »

Need Ideas for Generating Sales Leads?

Completing a sale is just one step in a process. But how did that sale land on your doorstep in the first place? What was the driving force for a customer to come to your site, spend time on it, and then pull the trigger to purchase? Answer: you attracted leads. They didn’t appear by magic. Something incentivized them to steer towards your business and away from your competition. There is an art to attracting sales leads, especially online. You... Read more »

Easy Steps to Boost Your Email Signups

increase email subscribers

Do you think email is dead and useless for marketing services and products? Think again. 89% of marketers use email as the main method for generating sales leads. Meanwhile, email is definitely popular with Millennials. Besides, email is FREE. So it’s an awesome tool for placing useful, enticing, and meaningful marketing content in front of people. If you’re not getting a slice of the action through email marketing, you need ways to boost your prowess. And the first way to... Read more »

Size and Length Can Matter… Really!

ideal content length online

Content, content everywhere. You can’t escape it. In fact, your online content can make or break your business. What you offer to sales leads on your website – aside from products and services – can become what brings them through the virtual doors. Information is power and people are inherently curious. The downside is that people these days are also on the move so much that their attention span is more “Hey, look! Squirrel!” than “War and Peace”. There is... Read more »

Web Design Words to Know if You’re Serious About Image and Marketing

Design confusion

In this day and age, the face of your business is your website. It represents and encapsulates your image. Sometimes your web design efforts may seem like you’re just trying to make things line up and look good on a computer screen, but there is an enormous amount of research, science and art that goes into creating a successful site. Because often your site is the first thing about your business that potential customers see, and it can be the... Read more »

Why People Abandon an eCommerce Shopping Cart

Abandoned cart

The shopping habits of online customers can be a source of joy and also heartbreak for many businesses. Online shopping cart abandonment is about as frustrating as things get in eCommerce and has almost become an epidemic. Millions of products get clicked on and added to shopping carts only to be left stranded. As of 2015, the figure was at about 68%. If your abandonment figure is like this, or worse, it’s time to examine the data and really listen... Read more »

Facts and Fiction About SEO

seo fact fiction

We all know the importance of creating online content to showcase the products and services that our businesses offer. But what good is that if our content is not ranked highly by search engines or is difficult to find on social media? Search engine optimization (SEO) is about positioning a brand so that it is ranked highly enough by search engines to drive traffic from organic searches to its website. The quest to achieve ever higher rankings in search engine... Read more »

The Proof for Social Proof


Essentially, social proof is the idea that an individual can manipulate behavior and marketing trends. That individual is an influencer. Influencers have always been a factor in the success or failure of marketing campaigns. Word of mouth is the largest part of influencer marketing. These days, word of mouth happens very much by people using social media to share and recommend a business and its products and services. Social proof in marketing allows you to fully understand the scope of... Read more »

eCommerce is Going Mobile!

Mobile cart

Mounting evidence shows that shoppers are drifting away from desktop shopping. Mobile eCommerce is growing rapidly as buyers are now more likely to interact with apps and websites via their smartphones or tablets. Let’s face it… everyone wants their means of communicating and doing business with them at all times. Consequently, more and more businesses are recognizing the necessity to develop a dedicated mobile presence. Whether they approach this by promoting their mobile website or developing a mobile app, having... Read more »