How Simple eBooks Help Grow Your Business

ebook marketingSmall and medium-sized businesses can benefit greatly from eBook marketing. It’s great PR and marketing to offer useful and substantial information to clients.

Offering an eBook free via a giveaway or e-mail offer is especially engaging.

Many customers and website visitors who read one will be more motivated to further explore your content, company, products and services.

So what should go in an eBook? How do you write one? And how exactly will eBook marketing grow your business?

What Do I Put in an eBook?

The answer is simple: anything you want! eBook marketing is sometimes about the content and sometimes about the attraction of free help and knowledge. Ideally both.

Look at your business and think about what makes it unique. If you sell bread and it’s better than the baker’s down the street, ask why. What process do you have that makes it, and the visitor’s experience, better? Write about that, without giving away secrets, of course. A graphic design company could make an eBook about tips and techniques for using Illustrator.

Who Will Write it?

ebook marketingAn eBook can be written by anyone, although it helps to have it laid out nicely and free of errors.

SEO techniques are not important with the content, only with its promotion.

So, you need an idea of what to write about and then find a writer.

You can do that in-house if you have someone with the expertise, or else companies specializing in online marketing and content know a great deal about the process.

How Does eBook Marketing Help?

ebook marketingeBook marketing draws people to your site to get something free. People like free. They like it even more if they learn something they didn’t know previously. Post to social media like Twitter and Facebook about the free eBook.

Send out e-mails about it and provide a link to your landing page. They’ll find your book and then download it. If the information is something they’re clearly interested in, you may have just hooked a new customer. You at least have a new follower. Perhaps make the free eBook available for a limited time to increase buzz.

What Specs Should I Adhere To?

Provide something that is professional, but remember, you are not putting out the next Game of Thrones novel, so you don’t need to be too formal with it. Here’s a short list of eBook tips:

  • No more than 2,000 words, if you can help it.
  • Have a short glossary web page that briefly explains the book.
  • Use proper spelling and grammar. That is a must.
  • You don’t need cover art or forwards.
  • Use a professional writer.
  • Make it informative and useful.

The idea of eBook marketing is not at all a scary one. In fact, given the right tools, it is fairly simple to enact and keep rolling. You will see new customers coming and old customers staying because you’re not directly asking them to buy anything. You’re creating loyalty by giving them something they can use. Whether you sell food or baseball cards or provide a limo service, eBook marketing can work for you.

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