The 10 Most Asked Questions About Hiring Digital Marketers – Pt. 2

hiring digital marketersStill have questions about hiring a digital marketing firm after we answered the five most common ones about it?
Here are the answers to the next five questions. Outsourcing your digital marketing just makes sense.
Create better brand identity that shows through in web design and content while attracting more hits, getting ranked higher, and converting leads into buyers.

  1. Will I Like Working With a Digital Marketing Agency?

hiring digital marketersTaking the step to hire digital marketers involves a significant shift. You have to be OK with working with outsiders and trusting them. Suddenly that idea and the unfounded fear of “giving up control” may tempt you to spend more by hiring one or two people in-house. But remember that the outside marketers are there to serve you and they depend upon doing a good job for you. You always have full control and don’t have to work with them under your nose every day (LOL!). If you are open to expanding your horizons, knowledge and possibilities, there is every reason to enjoy outsourcing and working with new partners. Besides, you still reap all the rewards and profits.

  1. Is Search Engine Optimization Still a Thing and Do I Need It?

Yes, it is and it keeps evolving. It isn’t just a buzz term. There is much research and many formulae and statistical algorithms involved in effective SEO. Do you really have time to keep up with how search engines are constantly evolving and changing their ranking systems? There is a lot of competition out there; SEO can still help separate you from the pack and hiring professional digital marketers is a big step toward achieving that.

  1. Can’t I Just Use Google AdWords?

hiring digital marketers Google AdWords is a service offered by the search engine giant that gets companies’ adverts in front of web users. Some content creators, like bloggers, use it to be paid for exposure, but businesses can pay Google to get their stuff out there. Isn’t this enough? NO!  AdWords has a place… on Google only. What about other search engines like Bing or Yahoo? You’ll throw money at Google while still needing to get ranked on the others. Hire digital marketers and ensure you have a comprehensive plan for the entire internet.

  1. How Quickly Will I See Results?

Well, there are no psychics in marketing. But using professionals works a whole lot faster than trying to do it yourself – and with far less stress and effort. Marketing results can vary based on many factors (for example, your industry and how your business is performing) but quality and quantity of content and marketing campaigns often affect results fastest. Gambling on your own expertise is a risk. Use those who have a track record of success.

  1. What Are The Advantages of Hiring Digital Marketers?

There are really no disadvantages. You get a new and different take on your branding and how to better utilize it to grow your business. Market trends and your own site analytics will be used to determine the best course of action for your business. Someone other than yourself will take on the workload and the headache. Your needs are based on current trends and your resources won’t be wasted on programs that aren’t useful for your company.

The only remaining question should be: “How do I get started?”

A simple click or phone call and you can discuss your needs with professional marketers – with no obligations. Remember, you maintain full control over your business’s destiny!

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