4 Reasons Why Posting Quality Content can Help You Establish Yourself as an Expert Online

quality online contentToday’s marketplace is being flooded with more products and services than ever before. While this might be great for consumers to have almost countless options and alternatives, it makes the job of distinguishing one business from all the others tricky.

To compete, you need to (1) keep your business in front of their eyes more often than the competition and (2) help consumers sort through the choices.

One way to do this is to post quality online content. Regular information that is engaging, informative and helps solve consumer’s problems can establish you as an expert in your field and solidify your brand as a market leader.

What is Online Content?

  • Web pages– They don’t have to be just advertising; written material should engage readers and show you know their problems and can solve them. It should also contain the keywords people search for on Google.
  • Blogs – Cover a wide range of topics. Blogging regularly can show that you are active and passionate.
  • Social media pages – Be busy, be helpful, post stuff that will grab attention

(not just “boring shop stuff”), and link to your pages and blogs.

Clients Crave Guidance and Answers

Many businesses try dropping their prices, tweaking products and running marketing campaigns to increase sales. The key part is, however, to be noticed. These approaches are pointless if people aren’t finding and following you. Consumers are overwhelmed by choice and will always gravitate toward friendly expertise, knowledge, understanding, leadership and authority.

Post quality online content and people will find you and look to your advice. Your written material really does matter. The first step towards being convincing in your content is to sound convinced.

Establish Credibility

When you show you have authoritative things to say, people look up to you. Even if they argue with it, it’s still publicity and attention. (But don’t you argue with customers and others. That diminishes credibility.)  Leads become customers when they perceive leadership and expertise.Keep the lines of communication open. Inform. Educate. Help. Care. That’s the path to credibility.

Prominent in the Community

The more people you reach, the greater the likelihood of making a conversion. Becoming a part of the community – a common interest among consumers who use your product or service, or similar ones – allows you to hold a place in their minds.

Quality online content includes reaching out to the public and making yourself accessible. If they receive from you answers to their questions, concerns or topics, your business becomes known as being prominent, responsive, memorable, helpful and customer centric.

Humanize Your Company

Providing the hard cold facts and specs of a product or service are the easy part. All anyone has to do is go online or read an instruction manual to get that information. If they get it from your site, that’s good, but it’s not yet a “human” connection.

Good content needs to encourage people to go farther – sign up for a newsletter, register, accept a free trial, request a quote, make contact in some way. A well- written blog is a human way to encourage this. It’s not direct sales, so it can be more conversational and cover any and all subject matters.

By creating quality online content specifically for consumers, your business stands a better chance of gaining recognition, respect and loyalty. Do it well and the customer will see it more as a partnership than a sales connection.

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