5 Factors to Consider in Hiring and Agency for Your Website Redesign

website redesignThere was a time when the face of a business was normally a brick and mortar location. Businesses took pride in their physical address, ensured that it looked good and represented their brands. A prestigious address did more than put a brand on the map. In our modern age (and largely due to skyrocketing rent costs) we have seen a shift from companies using a physical location as their “storefront” to owning websites that worked to build a better overall brand experience.

Here are some crucial factors to consider when hiring an agency for web design or website redesign.

  • Company Responsiveness. If you have ever designed or been a part of the design process for a website, you’ll agree that there are a lot of moving parts in the whole process. Communication is crucial and critical to any web design or redesign work. How proactive and responsive is the agency? Determining how responsive an agency is will be a great way to narrow down your list of potential candidates.
  • An Extensive or Impressive Portfolio. When choosing an agency for your website design, check their portfolio of past work. Look at case studies and match these with your need. What business challenges have they solved using their web design approaches? What do their customers say? Look for social proof and see if you can relate with the stories. If not, ask questions to verify and validate what’s presented.
  • Industry Experience. Website design, while in many ways standard in approach and execution, is in fact, an incredible niche line of work, with many firms and agencies specializing in certain industries. These are the companies that really understand what drives business in your field, and are more likely to be able to interpret your needs and provide you with their own experience with what works and what doesn’t.
  • Expected Time for Completion. Every day that a company’s website is not up and running is days that they are potentially losing business. Like any goods or services, expected time of delivery is crucial in choosing a vendor. Ask for references that can testify to their timeliness and get in writing an agreement that certain KPIs are met within a specified timeframe – that include penalties for breach. This will help ensure that everything is done on schedule and holds the firms accountable if that is not the case.
  • Cost should always be discussed in detail up front and should always be agreed upon before the project begins. It really is that simple. While of course, you will likely be able to shop around and find different prices, in reality, you want to ensure that the firm you select is capable of executing your website design and offers the support you need. Needless to say, quality often comes at a price.

Online real estate has taken down geographical barriers and empowered consumers now more than ever. Website design and development brought about a shift in how brands communicate and ‘sell’ to customers. Whether you are creating a new site or giving your current one an overhaul, work with a design and development firm that has a track record for delivering work products that will help you elevate your brand and serve your customers. Pick a design and development firm that doesn’t just specialise in coding and are experts in graphics, partner with one that understands your business needs and your customers’ needs–and will help you overcome overall brand and user experience challenges.

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