5 Marketing Trends that Will Dominate 2018

2018 Online Marketing TrendsThe world of marketing is never static. Given the fast-changing dynamics and advancement in marketing technology,  marketers often get stuck when deciding what methods of online marketing will be most effective in 2018?

Artificial Intelligence

AI is proving to be one of the most powerful tools for tech-savvy marketers. AI can be used to analyze consumer behavior using chatbots. Chatbots are computer programs that enable automated conversations with customers, based on their responses.

Content, Content and more Content

The idea of content marketing is nothing new. Businesses that are able to build authority around key topics using search-and-intent-based strategies are able to provide better value to their customers. These help bring the greatest ROI. Producing quality content on a regular basis does not only help build a loyal customer base, but also provides multiple opportunities to get to know customers and improve search engine rankings.

Generation Z

social media paid advertisingMarketing in the digital era is learning to tailor itself to the millennial demographic. This group has shaped not only the way we market products and services but has also largely dictated what those products and services are. “Generation Z” is the emerging market. With this generation entering their 20s, purchasing power is shifting. Marketers who tap this market will do well to study and prepare for channels and messaging models that fit the way this demographic behaves and engages online.

Voice Search

Whether it is Google Home, Amazon Echo, or any number of the voice-controlled devices we are seeing entering the home of consumers, it is important for marketers to take advantage of this new avenue. With technology always advancing to make things easier for the consumer, getting ahead of the curve and adopting a voice search strategy can help your customers find you and interact with your business in a new, intuitive and ultimately easier way than ever.

Paid Advertising

The internet is a powerful marketplace. In order to showcase with impact, build and engage with your network, marketers need to strike a balance between traditional online and offline approaches. As a rule, when it comes to paid advertising it is always best to consider where your customers are. Focus on the most effective channels. Facebook and Instagram are great options for promoting your business. Complemented with other marketing methods like content creation and SEO, social media can help bring the most out of your content promotion and online marketing dollars.

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