5 Online Marketing Resolutions for 2018

online marketingWith 2018 finally here – and still enough in its infancy to really do something about it – many people find themselves pondering the time-honored tradition of making resolutions. For the most part, resolutions are actions that we would like to take in order to benefit and excel in an area of our lives. For many, this includes personal goals such as losing weight or spending more time with family, however, resolutions don’t always have to be personal, for the world of business is filled with opportunities for improvement.

And while we could sit here all day reviewing different business strategies, when it comes to something that is truly actionable and can lead to real results, you need to look no further than your online marketing strategy.

So with the start of a new year, why not make it the best one yet for your online marketing efforts as we review our list of the top online marketing resolutions for 2018.

Better Content, More Often

So you already likely know the power of content, in fact, you are even consuming some now. However, with the new year upon us, perhaps it is best to utilize this powerful marketing tool to its fullest potential. In 2018, turn away from the “fluff” and start creating content that has a purpose, whether that is informing the public about a new product or service, lead generation, or SEO purposes. Knowing what you want your content to accomplish should always be the first step as it allows you to work towards defined goals.

Got Mobile?

Granted, there are a lot of fads in this world, however, if you thought that smartphones and tablets were among them than you’d be sadly mistaken. In recent years and in a trend that doesn’t seem to be letting up anytime soon, more and more people are consuming the bulk of their content on mobile devices. What this means is that unless your content is optimized for mobile consumption. After all, more Google searches come from mobile devices than on desktops now, so it only makes sense if your goal is to get noticed.

Organize Your Marketing Calendar

Knowing how and when you are going to market your business is essential, especially when it works towards an overall business goal. And for this reason, it is no wonder that keeps on top of all your marketing efforts can be so complicated. It is always advantageous to take the time and plan out your marketing efforts in a calendar. Not only will this help you from a logistical point of view, but it will also allow you to augment your plan as the year progresses.

Website Audit

A companies website can easily make or break an organization, especially if they are one that relies heavily on online traffic and e-commerce. So knowing this, doesn’t it make sense to have and maintain the best website possible? Of course, it does, however, in order to improve, you first need to know what needs improving, and that is where a website audit comes into place. Simply put, a website audit is a complete analysis of your site and will uncover problems that may be impacting your website visibility in search engines. Remember, it is hard to do business with someone if they can’t find you.

Website Overhaul

Now that you have determined what areas of your site need improving, it is time to take action and implement them. Staying current with design and function is paramount in a world that is ever evolving, especially online. Taking the time and putting forth the effort to showcase your brand to the public is never a bad investment and will usually result in your site acting as a cornerstone for future marketing efforts.

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