6 Misconceptions About Outsourcing to Marketing Companies

misconceptions about outsourcing marketingThere are many misconceptions about outsourcing to content marketing companies in not only the validity of what they do but their actual usefulness. Marketing has been used to promote businesses since there was such a thing as businesses. From a street barker screaming, “Read all about it!” to models posing across hoods of cars, it’s all marketing. Some people and businesses need help with it. But no one questions a street barker or car ad, while for some reason SEO often gets some eye rolls.

Let’s dispose with six misconceptions about outsourcing marketing.

  1. “You Won’t Capture Our Voice”

Well, if a marketing company sucks at doing that, it won’t be in business at all.

Not capturing your voice just right is a very real fear regarding content that appears on your site. It’s your brand and its image and service levels must blend seamlessly with your content. A good marketing company listens first, plus has experts in capturing a brand’s voice and creating informative, pertinent marketing content to match it.

  1. Slow Turnover

misconceptions about outsourcing marketingMany people believe that marketing content companies are slow at creating and providing effective SEO content. This isn’t completely false but varies from company to company. The simple difference is that they aren’t on the same premises. But that’s the point – to outsource. Do your research and make sure they’re a good fit for your needs. Plenty of marketing companies can pump out SEO content faster than your in-house marketing department because that’s mostly what they do.

  1. They’ll Butt Heads With the Marketing Department

This misconception about outsourcing to a marketing company is the toughest to kill, probably because it’s happened. This is usually due to the in-house marketing department feeling pressure to do more or fear of losing their jobs. It’s not a competition. The outsourced company is there to help. If everyone listens and learns with open minds, it can be a major win. Set your parameters clearly and communicate them.

  1. You Have No Control Over Content

This is simply not the case. Every SEO marketing company turning out content will always present it to you first for approval. You will be involved in the process from the very beginning by presenting the company with your needs and when presented with content for approval. You can read, make suggestions, and flat out say no to anything presented to you.

  1. Content is Easy to Generate

There are many misconceptions about outsourced SEO companies and how “easy” content is to create as if anyone can do it. Not true because this company needs to match your brand, your voice, and tone, figure out keywords to use, keyword density, and frame content around all of this information – then do it in an engaging way that resonates in SEO circles.

  1. Everything They Need is On the Website

Marketing Research and Plan of a Product

There is a lot of information on a website, true. However, it’s not everything a marketing company needs in order to do a good job for you. Some websites need major overhauls. If you want your SEO content to work for you, then the content company has to look at your company on a more personal level. They need to get to know you. What is your culture? Who is your target audience? What are you lacking? And much more.

So, don’t let misconceptions get in the way of you getting the marketing boost you’ve long needed. Outsource to one of the best online marketing companies and be amazed.

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