Prices for Website Development, Internet and Social Media Marketing

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Please contact us for pricing. We offer a variety of comprehensive monthly plans to fit your marketing goals and your budget.

These all-inclusive monthly plans are based on specific advantageous services designed to help businesses truly succeed with their internet marketing. We use SEO “best practices,” create quality, compelling content that is relevant and useful for the potential customers or clients a business wants to attract; and we fully integrate pertinent Social Media within the methodology prescribed, supported, and required by Google and other search engines.

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing requires a strategic, integrated plan that includes a properly set-up website. One that is aesthetic, functions smoothly and is easy to navigate. The plan must also ensure that the site’s content is both user-friendly and search engine-friendly, and that there are ongoing defined processes which result in measurable success. In the long run, a well designed and executed internet marketing plan will save money and create a much higher return on investment than many other forms of business procurement methods.


1. The quoted service fee is for a monthly payment contract under an agreed upon minimum length of time.

2. All fees and costs are payable in advance. Fees are billed monthly and are due on the first day of the following month, e.g. June fees are billed on May 15th, and are due and payable by June 1st.

3. Auto-Pay clients, when the billing cycle occurs that payment is in advance for the following month.

4. The monthly fees do not include out of pocket expenses such as courier services, graphic or logo design except as stated, clipping services, surveys, mailing lists, printing, photography, travel, purchase of software such as shopping carts, etc.  Hosting fees may be charged separately from prices for website development.

5. All agreements require 30 Days notice of cancellation due to the content prep and creation prior to each month’s delivery such as blogs.

6. Any additional budget items would be agreed to by the client prior to commitment.

We look forward to serving you.