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Always Remember This: It’s not about what you are selling, it’s about what your customers are buying. Your prospects are trying to establish the differences between what you offer and your competition offers. Seeing no value distinction, no distinct advantage or benefit to them, they will automatically resort to price distinction, and ask, “Well, how much does it cost?”

Here’s Why You Should Choose Us…

Key Differentiation Point Unique Value Proposition

  • We help you establish and communicate your Unique Value Proposition (UVP) and Key Differentiation Point (KDP). When prospects come to your site or page, they must  see a unique or particular advantage they would get from doing business with you, instead of your competitors. You need to know what that is – with certainty!
  • Not only do we create great websites or increase an existing site’s search rankings, visibility and traffic, our main focus and purpose is to ensure a good portion of that traffic takes action on your site. Interaction that converts into more leads, more business, more sales, more followers – whatever you are trying to achieve!
  • We monitor our clients’ traffic stats and conversion stats so we and the client always know how we’re doing. And for eCommerce sites, with our clients’ permission, we also monitor their online sales stats. Stats or metrics tell the story, everything else is just someone’s opinion.

Frankly, not many online marketing companies focus on those all-important issues. They may say  they do, but we actually do. That’s why we’re not afraid to measure our results by stats, hard data – not opinions.


You already know that new visitors to your site are just one tap, swipe or mouse click away from going elsewhere. If you can’t get your USP, your competitive edge across quickly to your website visitors, in their eyes you are just one more voice in a million man choir.

You may have heard the expression, “differentiate or die.” It’s true. Your competitors are probably saying and promising the same or similar things you are… even if they provide poorer quality services or products. So you need to cut through all that clichéd background noise with a machete and rise above the “me-too” crowd.

As branding expert David Brier says, “If you’re doing the same as your competitors, your brand is just ‘another choice’ on a level playing field.”

Your competitive edge, if you have one, is a KEY part of your brand.  It must be communicated effectively through all available channels! More buzz brings more biz!

We are online marketing specialists. We know what we are doing. We help our clients differentiate themselves from their competition in a positive way. We help them attract targeted traffic and generate interest for what they have to offer. We create the quality content that their website visitors will find useful, relevant and compatible with their needs and wants. And we work diligently  at creating more leads, sales and new business for our clients.

Bottom Line: Contact us!  We are experienced online marketing specialists who can help you. Take advantage of our no-hassle, Complimentary Consultation.