Affordable Social Media Campaigns That Get Results

Welcome to the Age of Sharing and Instant Communication.
Social Media: The fast way to get your message out to your audience!

Whatever the size of your website or your target markets,
we can handle all your Social Media needs, starting from as low as $559 per month.

Here’s how we work…

 Prioritized Social Media Platforms

We determine which of the social media can give you the best return on your investment (ROI), within the shortest time frame possible.

 Social Media Page Creation

Facebook Profile On Apple Iphone 5S Within the framework of a given social media platform’s “culture,” we create a look and content that will:

  • attract positive attention,
  • create interest and engagement,
  • encourage prospects to visit your website or specific landing page for more information,
  • then take any other action you want them to take.


Each social media (SM) platform has different specifications for their logo/profile picture and banner areas. We utilize the banner space according to the type of business or practice you have and your goals, and translate your brand into the various SM platforms.

 Content Creation

Quality, relevant content is KEY. We ensure any textual content is interesting, relevant and compelling, the graphics are totally appropriate, and that nothing violates a particular social media platform’s “culture,” which is important.

 Page Management

We keep your social media pages current with on-target content and frequent posts. Many business owners and key personnel are too busy coping with other job priorities to handle this task effectively.  Plus, they don’t have the experience we have accumulated over the years.


 Fan/Follower Growth (Organic and Paid, Depending On the Platform)

We network with potential customer bases on the appropriate social media platforms to interact and grow your following “organically.” As part of our social media packages, we also include well-targeted, paid online ads that convert into “likes,” followers and, most important, clicks to your site or specific landing page.

 Reporting (if available by the Platform)

We provide timely reports on your social media activities and results. Not only do we provide the metrics, but also comments to help you better understand those metrics, and ideas we may have for improving them even further.

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