Why You Should Always Use a Professional Web Design Company

why use professional web designerThe design and construction of a website is an integral part of your company’s marketing strategy. Do it properly or don’t bother.

Because your website is much more than a brochure. It is often the principal way that customers find you and learn about your products and services.

Of course, the temptation is to do things ‘on the cheap’.

With website building templates offered by web hosting services as well as ‘dabblers’ out there (i.e. your friends, relatives and IT students) volunteering to whip up a site for you for next to nothing, it’s tempting to leave creating one of your most important marketing tools in the hands of amateurs.

Why use a professional web designer when you can have a basic website done in a jiffy for a much lower price?

There are clear reasons why you should use a professional web designer. There are techniques and principles at play that go far beyond creating pages and uploading them. Ensure your site is compelling and will give you an edge over your competition through targeted, customized design, the latest interactive technology, and search engine optimization.


The purpose of a website is to attract and catch those surfing online for information or entertainment and convert them into loyal customers. Of course, with millions of websites out there seeking to do the same, this is easier said than done. You need professionals to create a site that will draw ‘netizens’ and random web users alike like proverbial moths to a flame. That does not happen by accident. It takes specialized knowledge and expertise.

But Anyone Can Design a Website, Right?

why use professional web designerYes and no. It’s true that a person with some knowledge of computers can build a basic website. But there are websites and there are high-quality, custom designed, optimized websites. The differences between these two are like the differences between a pedestrian passing by your storefront and one who peeks in and comes in.

Here’s why you should use a professional web designer.

Trust is the Word

Aesthetic allure is merely the start. A site’s design must be created with a specific target market in mind. A professional web designer is up-to-date on the latest effective design techniques that will deliver the best user experience and build customer trust and company branding.

Remember, most transactions today occur online. So you’d better be sure customers can trust you and your website.

The Difference Between Pro and Amateur

It’s easy to tell the difference between a generic, amateurish website and one that’s professionally done. You’ve no doubt come across few of the worse kind yourself. You know, the ones that leave you confused, bored, suspicious, or just keen to find something different. The very worst is the kind of website that is not mobile responsive. Ease of navigation, targeted content, engaging graphics, and effective calls to action are vital facets of quality design.

The art and science of converting a website visitor into a transaction is precisely why you need professional web designers. The experts use a variety of plugins, codes, headers, copy and images – the kinds of strategies not offered with free design templates.

Without SEO, Your Website is the Waldo of the Digital Market Place

Even a well-designed website will be dead in the water if it doesn’t rank in online searches. Professional web designers will use the best of web practices to optimize your web presence so people can quickly find you at the top of a search listing. Professionals know exactly how search engines work, keep up with changes, and stay on top of what people search for online.

Optimizing Functionality

why use professional web designerThere are few things more frustrating to an internet user than a slow loading website. A slow load can result in a loss of business. A professional web designer or agency will use special plugins and integrated features to build a fast and secure website.

Then, can your in-house person or friend create a smooth functioning appointment booking form, contact form, or online quoting system? What about a seamless and easy-to-use shopping cart?

These are not simple for amateurs who don’t appreciate the wider implications these functions can have for your business.

This is yet another reason why you need a professional web designer and developer, or even an online marketing agency.

Hiring a professional web designer is a smart business decision. A website is the first impression you make on potential customers, and you know what they say – first impressions count. A professionally designed website will enable people to find your business quickly, choose it over those of your competitors, and by engaging the visitors, convert them into your customers.

And after all, this is what smart business marketing is all about.

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