B2B Online Marketing – How to Generate High Quality Leads

Attracting high quality leads is absolutely essential for companies involved in a business-to-business marketplace. Building long-term relationships is very much what it’s all about in B2B branding. Here are a few tips about B2B online marketing lead generation.

Content Marketing Versus Everything Else

B2B Online MarketingNothing says “Let’s do business” like personal contact. In fact, some of the top ways to generate leads are through tradeshows, conferences and networking events. Nonetheless, in today’s digital world it is vital that your business has a strong online presence so you can capitalize on a vast, worldwide network of possibilities.

As you can imagine, direct mail is being outshone by content marketing. In fact, more than half of B2B enterprises do not even entertain the idea of using direct mail. Not only does online marketing generate far more leads, it is much more economical. However, direct mail does make its way into hands that might not otherwise catch your online presence, so don’t discard the idea if you can afford it.

The Importance of a Good Website in B2B Online Marketing

If you have a business, you likely have a website. But is it giving you leads? Are they the kinds of leads you want? If the answer is no, then the solution is not to get rid of your website. It’s time to tune up that site so it appears refreshed and rejuvenated and so your pages and keywords come up in searches.

Here are a few tips when building or improving your website:

  • Is it professional? Remember that your site is a potential client’s first impression of you. Make sure your image is reflected properly on every page.
  • Is your content being maintained? It is important to have someone removing old content and keeping it fresh.
  • Does it tell a complete story? Make sure it includes important details like the history of the company, what makes your product unique, and what sets you apart from competitors.
  • Is your contact information prominently displayed on every page?

Blogging: Your Trump Card

When it comes to B2B content marketing, those who blog regularly are at a significant advantage over those who don’t. Well written blogs can affect your SEO (search engine optimization) more than any other piece of content you own.

A few guidelines to follow:

  • Writing should be natural and informal, almost as if you were speaking.
  • Blog about topics that would interest your target audience.
  • Break up content with pictures.
  • Invite feedback and be ready to interact with your readers.

Social Media

B2B Online Marketing Social media platforms definitely have their uses. There is no doubt that B2C (business-to-consumer) organizations gather loyal followers through media like Facebook and Twitter. And LinkedIn is a huge one for business networking.

Those catering to businesses can reach new clientele via the same media, especially through search engine visits. Tweets and posts increase name recognition, and they send visitors to your website, which can result in leads. It’s about brand presence and recognition.

A few tips to make sure your social media pages are doing their job:

  • Make sure your business profiles are complete, accurate and up-to-date.
  • The name, URL and bio are the most valuable pieces of information to search engines when it comes to social media.
  • Use keywords in your posts, but make sure it is in keeping with basic keyword etiquette. i.e. Make it natural and don’t overdo it.
  • Post regularly.
  • LinkedIn is a more exclusively business-oriented medium and seems to have more value to B2B marketers than Facebook and Twitter.
  • When in doubt, talk to experts in B2B marketing and lead generation. Contact RPM to learn more.

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