Benefits That Come With a Blog

blogging for businessStudies have shown that the majority of companies blogging on a regular basis generate more business.

Creating a blogging schedule to post relevant and quality content online should be an integral part of the marketing strategy of any enterprise, no matter how large or small.

Having said all that, many companies still don’t realize the many benefits of blogging for business.

Increase Exposure to New Customers

We all need new customers for business growth, otherwise our enterprises stagnate. It’s simple: the majority of businesses that blog get new customers.

Regular and consistent business blogging will increase the exposure of your company in the marketplace. In order to attract customers, blog content needs to be relevant to your market and should add value.

Boost Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

blogging for businessThe objective of SEO is to improve your visibility on search engine results pages. Results that come up on page one get the most traffic through to websites, so you need to adopt a strategy to optimize your search ranking and continue to improve it. Blogging for business is huge here.

Search engines place a high value on fresh content when ranking results. For a simple example, by consistently posting blogs that include important keywords for search, you can achieve a better ranking.

Drive Traffic to Your Website and Reach New Customers

blogging for businessEach blog you post adds more to an indexed page on your website, providing another opportunity to show up in organic search results which will then drive traffic to you. Once you have the hits and clicks, you can employ strategies to convert them into leads and customers.

Aside from your blog being discovered during organic search, you are creating valuable content that can be shared on social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

This helps to expose your business to a new audience and drive new traffic your way.

Establish Authority and Brand Presence

Blogging can help level the playing field between large and small businesses. Post quality content that is helpful to your target audience and you can establish yourself as an authority in your field. People will start to look out for your new postings and share them with others. In this way you build credibility, trust and a brand presence in the market.

Develop Relationships

Include a comments section with your blogs where people can exchange views. This feedback is invaluable:

  • It gives you the opportunity to start a two-way conversation, respond directly to readers’ comments, and further strengthen your authority.
  • Positive feedback, particularly from existing customers, will promote your product or service. It acts as a testimonial and free PR to generate new business.
  • Negative feedback provides valuable insight into how to improve. It will also give you the opportunity to respond positively, show you are listening to critics, and even politely defend your business.

Reap Long-Term Benefits

Blogging for your business lasts longer than any fleeting advertisement. A well-written blog tends to attract more and more traffic as time passes – weeks, months, even years after it was published. Some even become “evergreen” blogs. These are posts with content that is always relevant, no matter the changing face of your industry.

Blogging for a business can be essential for its growth. Of course, there is an art to blogging to increase SEO and presence. Marketing experts can advise you or even provide content, strategies and statistics for you.

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