Blogging for Marketing – Avoid Mistakes to Reap Rewards

blogging for marketing / blogging mistakesYes, blogging is still an important part of online marketing.

Effective blogging works to keep your online presence and SEO optimized. It’s also good for being in regular ‘touch’ with clients and followers, letting them know about products, deals, specials, thoughts and issues.

Ineffective blogging has a negative effect on your marketing. This is probably why some people think blogging is useless – because they’ve been doing it wrong!

Blogging for marketing is as much about avoiding mistakes as it is about putting yourself out there.

Don’t Give Up

The main blogging mistake that people in business make is not blogging at all. Lack of quality online content will definitely keep people away from your website. Make people want to come back to your site and don’t give up. Also, use your social media account to get yourself out there. Be sure to build up followers on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and post your blog articles there, along with other content.

A blog can be an incredibly effective marketing tool, especially as it is cheap to produce.

Keep it Simple and Encourage Reaction

blogging for marketing / blogging mistakesBlogging for marketing is not like writing War and Peace.

Keep your blogs short and simple (nobody ever complains that a piece of writing is too simple), yet intelligent and thought provoking.

You want people to react, take action, and engage in conversation or debate. This gets more visitors to your blog and thus more exposure.


A big blogging mistake is to put out content that is filled with errors. Get another set of eyes to proofread your blog entries. Poor attention to detail can leave readers thinking you are the same way with the rest of your business.

Add Some Bells and Whistles… Sparingly

The name of the game is engagement. No one likes boring. Include pictures, videos, charts or even movement of some kind. But not too much. Two or three images work, including a feature image that grabs attention. If you embed a video, be sure it’s short and sweet. Nobody will hang around for a 10-minute viewing.

No Clickbait

Obviously you want a blog title to encourage people to click. But it needs to be relevant to your blog and your business. A misleading lure will anger people and is a big blogging mistake.

Be Regular and Consistent

Post regularly. Even set yourself a schedule and stick to it. If you can’t make your deadline one time, refresh an old blog to take its place. Just keep material coming. A big blogging mistake is to become stale and not post for ages.

Quality With Quantity

blogging for marketing / blogging mistakesYou may think that continually uploading massive loads of content is the way to marketing success through blogging. That’s not always so. Quality of material is important. You may have a lot of information out there, but beware of giving people too much to sift through and digest. A healthy balance of quality and quantity is good.

There is much more to the art of blogging, especially when it comes to marketing and online exposure. Learn from successful bloggers, especially organizations that specialize in online marketing and have a track record of success through quality content. We all like to think we can create a successful blog, but there are many traps and mistakes. Learn from the best and happy blogging!

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