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build links to your websiteTraffic to your website can literally mean the difference between life and death for your business. It’s common to want to throw links around wherever you can in a bid to find more visitors to your site. But just be sure you build links the right way.

The online community – and Google – never seems to forget being tricked into visiting websites. The less than honorable ‘black hat’ methods for link building don’t get you far before they turn into liabilities. Once you violate the trust of other web users, it’s hard to regain it.

Old school black hat link building meant inserting links into other websites without owners knowing, especially through automated comments and automated guest book entries. Today it’s sneakier, like hiding links.

There are plenty of better ways to build links to your website to generate honest traffic that will keep coming back to your site. These are ‘white hat’ methods of link building.

Keep Your Blog Up

build links to your websiteIf you want to build links to your website, your blog is a great way to get that done.

Create opinions and provide information that people like – for free – and then encourage them to link back to it or share it in social media.

But… this works only if your blog is current.
Old info is dead info.

If you can’t keep up, invest in an online marketing company to create fresh, evergreen content.

Guest Blogging

Many writers on the internet write guest blogs. For you to be a guest blogger means you impart your knowledge for someone else to publish on their site. Of course, ensure your blog post is linked back to you, your social media, or another site of your choosing. Then you have others –as well as you – promoting your stuff, exposing your links, and boosting your hits.

SEO Offers = Non-Starter

build links to your websiteBuilding links to your website must never involve in predatory link ‘baiting’. Remember what we said about black hat techniques? While you need to get out there, ignore offers to sell you links on popular sites. These schemes will hurt you much more than help. Google’s TOS prohibits these activities and any other attempts to scam its algorithms. Don’t go there because Google will punish you by dropping your site way down search results. In extreme cases, Google will manually assess your site and remove pages that take part in link-back scams.

Interaction is the Golden Ticket

If you want to build links to your website, you must engage people. Post comments, ask and answer questions, guest blog, use social media, and offer insight. In other words, be active on the Web wherever you place links and your company name. Always be helpful, never be combative, and don’t talk about things you don’t know enough about. If you trip up, listen, apologize, and make it right. People look for a ‘voice’ they find credible and for company leaders who are responsive and responsible. Why can’t it be you?

Be Relevant

Being current is only part of the equation to how you can build links to your website. You need to be relevant. If you waste people’s time with useless generalized content, incomplete content, or stuff vaguely reworded and cheaply copied from other sources, they’ll never follow your links nor link back to you.

What we mean by relevant is material that relates to your field. If you sell car parts, for example, don’t write blogs about the new season of Scandal no matter how much you love Kerri Washington. Unless, of course, you can somehow tie an episode into your business, like if a car using one of your parts appeared in a scene.

When in doubt about how to build links to your website, your best option may be to ask online marketing specialists whose job it is to stay up to date with the very latest techniques. The investment could pay off handsomely.

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