Your Call to Action is… Always Use Call to Action

marketing call to actionDon’t miss out! Take this challenge now! This right here is your call to action to finally implement your own marketing call to action.

A call to action (CTA) is something deliberately placed on a page/screen that encourages customers to do something in the belief that they will miss out if they don’t. Well used CTAs make people stay on your website or app longer, thus increasing your chances of closing sales.

The best part? A marketing call to action is often free to create.

Try some of these, monitor their success levels, and see which ones work best for your customers and business.

What Makes an Effective CTA?

There is a lot of science that goes into it. These best practices will give you the best chance at success:

  1. Make them think they are going to lose out on something important.
  2. Make your CTA stand out. It needs to be obvious and compelling to look at.
  3. Bold is good, but pleasing is better. Attract the eye but not with harsh or clashing color schemes.
  4. Choose specific words that lead the horse to water and then drink. Direct. Short. Honest. Options include “Give it a try now”, “Subscribe now”, “Why not…?”, “Start saving today”, “See what’s next”, “Get more deals sent to you”, and… you get the idea. You could even go for the reverse psychology with “Do not click here…”
  5. To stand out, your call to action needs to almost conflict with (yet complement) your current page.
  6. Where and how your CTA appears is important to its success.

The Big Green Button

marketing call to actionIf the idea of a gigantic green button as a marketing call to action seems a little silly… IT WORKS. When you’re selling a product, instead of using a typical button “Add to cart” button, try a large button that takes up about 1/3rd of the page. I’m not kidding.

It stands out. And green is associated psychologically with go, money and savings. Maybe change the color of your button to better suit the color of your web page.

But it might be better to change the page color scheme to better utilize the big green button.

Within Brand, Above Text

Even if you have your own CTA button, its placement on your product/service page is important. Make it large and bold and place it above the descriptive text but below the name of the product and price. This kind of marketing call to action is often easier to customize to your brand messaging.

Try It…

The whole idea behind the “Try It” marketing call to action is to entice consumers to take part in something they may normally have not tried. Why would they suddenly decide to try it now? Simply put, the word “try” implies little to no risk. Convince them they have something to gain and nothing to lose.

Do It Now…

marketing call to actionNo matter what you want people to do, telling them to do it helps them make up their minds quickly. A call to action is about creating a definite act. Be it a download, sign up for something, or plug in their e-mail for a newsletter, “Get Started Now”, “Try it Now”, and others along this line are ways to lead the customer to action.

Contact successful marketers NOW… if you want to know more about using a marketing call to action.

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