Choosing the Right Keywords is Important to Your Online Marketing

keywords online marketingKeywords and online marketing go together like peanut butter and marshmallow fluff. Apart from they’re pretty good, together they’re perfection.

Choose keywords properly as part of your online marketing plans to make the most of opportunities and  be ranked more favorably in search engines.

Popular Keywords: To Use or Not to Use?

Keywords come in two forms – popular and long-tail. Popular keywords in online marketing are generalisations. A good example would be a non-specific concept like “escape rooms”. Search results will return with thousands of escape rooms from all over, requiring a person to sift and search. Popular keywords are good but without adding more specific into your online content, you risk being buried by the competition because search engines don’t find enough info to help pinpoint your business as matching a searcher’s needs. Sure, use popular keywords, but don’t rely on them alone.

Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are exactly that – they are longer strings of words and thus more specific. People learn pretty quickly that general keywords produce general results and so they add information to narrow down the search options. (Something like 70% of all online searches uses long-tail keywords.) Take our escape room example above.

Add “Tampa” to the keyword “escape rooms”. The returned list will be much more what you’re looking for.


Apply This to Your Online Content and Marketing

If you want your business found in online searches, you need to choose the right long- tail keywords and feature them on your website’s content pages. It’s not rocket science, but choosing does take some research and skill. A dedicated online marketing company can show you how to analyse your website’s hits and what people are typing that helps them find you. Those online marketers can also show you the most popular keywords, including long-tail ones, for your area of business and how to use them effectively.

Play By the Numbers

Choosing the right keywords for online marketing is one thing; how you use them is another. Online content is more about strategy than just putting together word salad. Search engines are constantly revamping their algorithms to pick up “unnatural” phrasing and keyword stuffing (where a keyword is repeated excessively in content).

If approximately 70% of searches involve long-tail keywords, then about 30% use basic popular keywords (especially those prompted while typing into Google). So play the numbers in creating your website and marketing content. Use a similar split of long- tail and popular keywords, while being sure it is well written.

Local and Regional Favorites Vs National or Worldwide

This can be a slight curve ball. Words are subjective and sometimes based on region. In an online search, should it be pop or soda? Sub, hoagie or long sandwich? Amusement park or theme park? For most, this may not be an issue – especially as search engine algorithms are getting very good at understanding the relationship between similar words and people’s searches – but for others, it can be brand identity. Stick to your branding to make keywords work for your marketing and not against it.

To make use of regional or national versions, add blogs and other quality content to your pool of keywords for online marketing strategies.

As was said above, when in doubt, discuss the issue with a proven online marketing company. You’ll gain some great insights.

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