Why Your Content Marketing Isn’t Working

content marketing not workingWebsites are everywhere. Millions upon millions of them. Your goal is to have potential new customers find your website through search engines. But it doesn’t seem to be working as well as you expected. Or if they do find it, they don’t stay long before clicking away. That’s because the name of the online marketing game is not selling your products or services… it’s selling your content.

Content marketing means sharing material that people want to see/hear/read and that grabs their attention without necessarily directly promoting your products or services. It’s about stimulating interest. There’s a real skill to it. So, when your content marketing is not working, you need to find out why.

Content MUST Be Relevant

Here’s an unguarded secret about content marketing: it must work with your business. You need to have a clear destination in mind when creating content for your site. Don’t bore people with a long story of your background. It might be interesting to you, but not to people searching for information. Even your background story should complement your products and tie in with them.

Then, instead of mere product information, include material about how people use them, answer questions, show products being used in fun ways by happy people, write some jokes about them, whatever may help you stand out but still be topical.

Lack of Strategy

content marketing not workingThrowing out some writing and adding some keywords is not a content marketing strategy. Your website is more than a brochure. There’s a good chance your content marketing is not working because you don’t have a clear strategy, or you’re failing to implement it, or you don’t change it when the market changes. Define your key performance indicators. In other words, figure out what you want from the content, then pay attention to it and change with it.

If need be, employ professional content marketers to provide guidance and strategy based on their experience, results, skills, research and skill with analytics.

Avoid the Ron Popeil Method

Ron Popeil is famous for his “As Seen on TV” merchandise. One of his catchphrases is: “Set it and forget it!” This does not work for content.

When content marketing is not working for you, ask yourself: “Am I telling anyone about it?” If the answer is no or maybe, chances are you’re not doing a decent job of getting the word out. You can’t just write some content, paid for or otherwise, upload it, then expect it to work like magic. Instead of set it and forget it, set it and promote it. Do some legwork (or hire someone to do it for you) and promote the content through your channels. Let people know about it, especially through social media.

Engage People!

content marketing not workingWhen people actually find your website, they start reading its content, wanting to feel connected to the information you’re providing. It needs to grab them and to address their needs. You need to know what their needs are. Research! Ask! Successful content definitely appeals to emotions. Emotional connection is engaging. Otherwise, potential customers go elsewhere, just like they do when entering a store and figuring out if they like what they see.

You Get What You Pay For

Aunt Sally may be a great wordsmith and free, but she’s not a content marketer. She likely doesn’t understand SEO, either. You need to spend money to make money. Sometimes you need proven content marketing professionals. Companies that invest in their content grow faster than those that use Aunt Sally’s articles. Will your investment pay off? Yes!

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