Converting Web Traffic Into Quality Leads

One thing almost every business owner or website owner needs and wants is Quality Leads.  On the net, volume of website traffic is only half of the equation, if that.

Quality Leads

Keeping it simple – this is not a professorial marketing treatise – a quality lead is a reach from a potential customer or user for the services or products, art pieces or experiences you have to offer.  And if you are selling higher priced services or products, art pieces or experiences, obviously you would want a reach from someone who is also financially qualified to become a customer or client.

quality leadsKnow Your Customer

So obviously, the first thing you need to know is, who is your potential customer? What is their profile? Are they part of an identifiable target market or market segment to which you can tailor your marketing and promotion?  Whatever you do, don’t skimp on this step. It’s important!

If you know who your customer is, and your prices are in line with that market’s expectations, even if on the higher end of the price spectrum, then you have to gear up your online marketing to attract that potential customer or client.  (Also see my blog titled, “How’s Your Marketing Mix?”)

This means your website and social media and other online communications must convey a message that will attract, interest and engage your audience to the point where they will make a reach by clicking on a link leading to a specific page, a contact form, or call you on their mobile device or landline.

SEO & Visibility

But before that can happen, you need to make sure you are VISIBLE on the net. If people can’t find you in a Google Search or any other search engine, good luck! You’ll need it.

So you have to ensure that your web pages and social media contain quality, relevant content for your intended market, and that your search engine optimization (SEO) is up to snuff on every place, network, forum or platform you are on the net.

Paid Advertising?

For many companies some paid online advertising is a must. Even if it’s just a smaller supplemental to your organic listings. This could entail Google Adwords or Facebook ads, for example. Paid online ads can be a helpful way to give a marketing campaign a boost right at the start. They can start appearing on the net very soon after you have created them, often within minutes.

quality leadsThe All Important First Impression

So let’s say you have identified your typical customer(s), are certain what you have to offer is something they need or want, or could be made to want. And you have good, relevant content on your web pages and social media, and you are showing up for some choice keywords on page one of Google or your search engine of choice. Now it’s time to make a GREAT FIRST IMPRESSION.

A “great first impression” in this case doesn’t mean you have to have a website that will garner design awards. What it does mean is that you have to convey an instant message to your visitor that lets them know what they get by doing business with you and not one of your competitors.
This is your VALUE PROPOSITION.  (See also my blog titled, “What’s Your Unique Selling Proposition?”)

A Value Proposition is a succinct statement of the overall benefit or advantage a prospective customer will get by doing business with you. If they don’t get your value proposition fairly quickly, they can simply click away and go back to the Google listing or wherever they found you, and visit another website.

That value proposition answers these type of questions:

– “Why should I give you my business and bucks instead of someone else?”
– “What advantage do I get by doing business with you, that differentiates you positively from the rest of the herd?”
– “In the final analysis, what do I get from doing business with you?”

The content, look, message on your home page (or landing page) must convey your Value Proposition. And it must be believable. You could promise the moon, but is it believable? If not, your page’s bounce rate will be very high.  (A “bounce rate” shows what percentage of the people that came to your home page or landing page, or other entry page, stayed for just a few seconds, then left your site.)

quality leadsUser-Friendly Website

It should go without saying that visitors to your site must find it user-friendly. Easy to navigate, not confusing, pages load fairly quickly, links are all working, etc.  An enjoyable website experience for your potential customers.

Quality Page Content
It also goes without saying (or should), that the content on your site is what your intended market is looking for. That means the textual content, the graphics and design are what they would expect from a website or business that delivers what you have to offer.

Keeping the Search Engines Happy
And remember, as we have said in many blogs and pages, that the search engines want to send their users to pages that contain quality, relevant content that aligns with what they are searching for. If your pages don’t really deliver quality content in line with the keywords potential customers are typing in, the search engines eventually figure this out, and your ranking or position on the search engines sinks!

As you can see, increasing website traffic is all well and good, and you need to do it.  But if you are not attracting the right audience, or if you are, but they are not seeing good reasons to do business with you, you will not get the QUALITY LEADS you are looking for, no matter how much you increase your web traffic.

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