Dense Content for Simple and High Quality Marketing

Want better content for better marketing? Use half the words to say twice as much.

That’s the essence of dense content marketing.

dense content marketingStart By Being Original

Too much information on the internet gets repeated, often verbosely. Visitors to websites notice that much of the content they read can be found other places but with some of the words changed to try and sound different.

Indeed, some writers shamelessly lift content from other blogs/sites and reword it. But content like this won’t compete or rank on search engines.

Simplified is Not Simple

Dense content marketing prides itself on simple content. However, this is kind of a misnomer. It shouldn’t be interpreted to mean that written content becomes dumbed down or useless. Quite the opposite. To maintain search engine rankings and followers, it must be rich, vibrant, concise, and packed with useful information. The key is to take a complex subject and break it down into a simplified format. Your visitors can therefore ‘cut to the chase’ and get the information they want immediately without spending eons reading.

Quality Wins

dense content marketingWriting web content is a skilled art. Don’t treat it like a low level task for a junior staff member or your mom. The words matter. If you sell products or services in a competitive field, no doubt your competitors also have material about them online. You want more hits and sales than them. Therefore, hire supreme quality content writers with proven experience in online marketing. Your content must be ten times better than your competitors’, yet also shorter and snappier, without losing any ‘friendliness’. Writing like that is indeed an art. It’s the crux of dense content marketing.

Dense for Mobile

With mobile devices now the main source of information retrieval, dense content marketing is ever more important. Mobile users don’t have the luxury of large screens and therefore, when reading, need to see vital information clearly and immediately. Make your website and app content on point and packed full of information. Fitting your text on a single screen can translate into more people being interested in what you have to say, provided you follow the advice above and ensure the material is high quality and maintains the same level of information.

Dense Chunks

If you have too much information, try separating it into a series of articles. Even though dense content marketing is all about packing information together, it’s OK to break it into several articles. This can be good marketing strategy. Guide readers through the material sequentially by enticing them along. If it’s in blogs, leave them hanging after one part so they’ll want to read the next. This can help increase traffic to your website and may improve your search engine ranking.

Trim the Fat, Ruthlessly

dense content marketingWhen creating online content, it’s tempting to put in everything you can think of. But remember it’s not about you. It’s about your customers and leads. Give them what they need: information, support, service, personality. Cut out everything else. (If you really like some of that deleted material, consider putting it somewhere else.) Dense content must be precise and laser-focused. After you’ve been over the writing, have a trusted colleague trim it even more. Remember, good writing can say twice as much in half the words.

When in doubt, ask online marketing experts to write your content, design your website, and focus your marketing efforts.

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