Digital Marketing Trends for 2017

psychology boost conversionsIt’s an understatement to say that digital marketing has seen a lot of progress over the years. It has actually taken over and dominated the majority of marketing that businesses do 2016 saw lot of digital marketing developments,from virtual/augmented reality to the mobile world almost destroying the old desktop ball and chain. Digital marketing in 2017 is set to continue developing apace. But which trends from 2016 will make a reappearance in 2017 and what new trends will topple some old ones?

Native Advertising

Content marketing strategy has hit fever pitch with search engines now mining websites for keywords instead ofsimply using meta to determine search result placement. It has been the practice of many businesses to favor content creation over advertising content. In 2017, we will see this flip. Native advertising will then take over. This means that companies will start advertising the content they already have. You will still need to create content but you may be spending advertising time and money to promote it.

Marketing Driven by Purpose

We’re all much smarter than a decade ago, at least when it comes to marketing strategies and advertising. The current generation is very aware that corporations are not people. It is then your responsibility to give your company a human face instead of appearing like a faceless corporate entity.Do this by having a purpose. Ask why you do what you do and boil it down to the most essential principles. Why is it important to you? Don’t just make content and throw it out there. You need to have passion and a reason behind everything you do.


psychology boost conversionsNot many people born before 2000 truly understand the purpose of Snapchat. But it’s going to be a massive digital marketing trend in 2017. Younger people adore Snapchat and its user numbers keep growing. Learn to use Snapchat for marketing. Take a course if you must.It willreally make waves in digital marketing. There is talk that it has actually beaten Facebook in total daily video views.

Total Mobility

Every year has been considered the year of the mobile, but it’s truer today than ever. The advent of PokemonGO in 2016 made the mobile market explode even bigger. When five year olds wake up on Christmas morning to find iPhone 7s crammed in their stockings, you can see just how mobile we’ve become. PokemonGO has to be mentioned because its real world application is unprecedented.This combination of mobile location technology, marketing, and call to action can enable you to provide content and experience that customers never had access to before when shopping.

Content Writing

Writing good content is still going to be incredibly important to digital marketing in 2017. Society and the marketplace are both still very much text-based. Sure, video content and social media are huge but people want stories and they find each and every story through text and keywords. Just bear in mind that, oftentimes, marketers make lousy storytellers. Content must be free-flowing, fun, colloquial and conversational – as opposed to tech jargon and boring ‘standard’ marketing fare.


psychology boost conversionsIn 2017, influencer marketing will bea big priority. The people that drive the market will be the ones in the public eye pushing everything from soda to mattresses, so it’s important to attract them early to your business and keep them involved. The influence of key figures can never be underestimated, especially in the mobile digital marketing age.

Not sure how to make digital marketing work for your business in 2017? Simply contact experts in the field, use their knowledge, and partner with them to ensure your business exceeds your expectations.

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