Easy Steps to Boost Your Email Signups

increase email subscribersDo you think email is dead and useless for marketing services and products? Think again. 89% of marketers use email as the main method for generating sales leads. Meanwhile, email is definitely popular with Millennials. Besides, email is FREE. So it’s an awesome tool for placing useful, enticing, and meaningful marketing content in front of people.

If you’re not getting a slice of the action through email marketing, you need ways to boost your prowess.

And the first way to do that is simply to increase your email subscribers. You know, the people who sign up to receive promotions, newsletters, updates, and the like.


Who doesn’t like free stuff? Everyone loves to get something for nothing. Look at Costco. People line up for the free food samples, even when the food’s not ready. This demonstrates the huge power of free. Increase your email subscribers by offering them free stuff that they want: information, updates, newsletters, coupons, discounts, contest entries, merchandise, whatever. They will sign up if they see it as worthwhile and they see that you’re responsible with their information.

KISS Method

Keep it simple, stupid. There is no one on the planet who looks at a sign-up form and says, “Gee, I love how long this is!” Design your email subscription forms to be short and easy.

Placement Matters

increase email subscribersWhere you place a sign-up form/bar will make a difference to subscriber numbers. Embed it directly on the pages they’re on. Never have them click elsewhere to sign up, even if it’s within your site. It’s off-putting. Make it clearly visible, make it simple, and avoid pop-ups (because everyone hates them). Consider putting it in the page header or a box on the side panel. And certainly make sure an email sign-up option is clear during any ecommerce sales process.

A Condition for Commenting

If you have a comment section (and you should, by the way) then you are likely already requiring people to enter their email addresses if they want to comment. If not, do it now. It’s such a simple way to increase email subscribers.

Email University

People like two things: information and free. Combine the two and you have a winner. You could increase subscriptions by offering some kind of online class or course. This also increases engagement with leads and customers.

After the First Bite

One of the greatest tactics you can use is intrigue. Provide people with a taste or sample of a product or service, but not all of it yet. For them to get everything, they need to be intrigued about more and to subscribe.

Exclusive Club

People need to feel special and being part of a club that only a select few can join always fulfills that need. Make an offer. Joining by subscribing should include special benefits. Tell people about all the good stuff and great deals they’ll miss out on if they don’t sign up.

A Little Help From Your Friends

increase email subscribersUse your affiliates and partners to promote your mailing list, newsletter, etc. Even if you pay them to do it.

These have been some simple and effective methods for increasing the number of email subscribers to your business. Your next step after this is to employ an online marketing firm to take every aspect of your web marketing to the highest level.

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