eCommerce is Going Mobile!

mobile ecommerceMounting evidence shows that shoppers are drifting away from desktop shopping. Mobile eCommerce is growing rapidly as buyers are now more likely to interact with apps and websites via their smartphones or tablets. Let’s face it… everyone wants their means of communicating and doing business with them at all times.

Consequently, more and more businesses are recognizing the necessity to develop a dedicated mobile presence. Whether they approach this by promoting their mobile website or developing a mobile app, having a mobile friendly eCommerce platform is a necessity rather than an option.

Going Mobile Just Makes Sense

It’s estimated that there are close to 200 million owners of smartphones in the US today. Meanwhile, eCommerce is exploding in hugely populated countries like India and Indonesia. People organize and run their lives with their mobile devices, so it’s logical that they will gravitate to using them to make online purchases. Convenience is everything.

But user convenience is not the only reason your business should be going mobile. Mobile information has a wider reach because it is more accessible to the average person in the street. Content updates, like information on new products or promotions or loyalty programs, are reaching the market faster via emails, text messages, app notifications, and more.

The influence of social media is massive and users find it easier to share information on mobile platforms. Customers are also using mobile devices to access social media to generate customer reviews and price comparisons.

The Case for Mobile Apps

mobile ecommerceThe majority of users who download a mobile app are loyal to the brand if the brand is loyal to them (unless the app doesn’t work properly, in which case they delete it). Businesses derive a number of benefits from creating an app:

  • An app provides valuable marketing feedback on buyer trends and what consumers like.
  • It presents an opportunity to reward loyalty with personalized or discounted offers.
  • An app can provide access to certain features offline without relying on connectivity.
  • Its processing power enables users to access functions easily on a mobile device, leading to higher purchasing rates.

Overall, a good mobile app provides a seamless buying experience that’s hard to beat.

The Growth of B2B Mobile eCommerce

mobile ecommerceMobile eCommerce is not limited to consumer interaction, although B2C marketers have gained a healthy head start in this sector. A study conducted by Usablenet, web accessibility strategists, found that 78 percent of B2B companies believe that the future of eCommerce lies in mobile. Industry analysts agree that mobile eCommerce represents a huge opportunity for B2B growth.

Therefore B2B enterprises need to establish a solid mobile presence to take advantage of this trend.

Indications are that B2B buyers are already using mobile platforms to conduct research to facilitate buying decisions. It’s just a matter of time before this translates into dedicated use of mobile eCommerce functionality.

What Does This All Mean for the Enterprise Owner?

The signs are overwhelming that mobile eCommerce is on an exponential growth path. In order to be competitive and maintain business growth, it’s essential for every enterprise to establish a strong and responsive mobile presence. Your focus should be on developing robust eCommerce functionality for mobile devices to market your products and services.

Don’t get left behind! Talk to experienced online marketing experts who can assist you with establishing your mobile eCommerce platform and much more.

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