Eight Common Misconceptions About Social Media Marketing

There are many misconceptions about social media marketing, so let’s see if we can sort through some to make your campaign more successful.

  1. “It’s Always Free”

social media marketing misconceptionsThis is perhaps the biggest social media marketing misconception any business person can have. As they say, you have to spend money to make money. While it’s free to sign up for social media platforms, you can spend money in plenty of ways. On Facebook, for instance, you can purchase prime ad space. Unless you’re a master of social media techniques and really excel at outreach through your page(s),  you’ll need to spend something to make the most of a campaign. Otherwise, it may be wise to hire a company that specializes in social media management to advise you on options and strategy.

  1. “It Runs Itself”

Nope. Social media are great for increasing your business and brand awareness, but no aspect of marketing runs itself. To be truly successful at social media marketing, you need to pursue a clear strategy, maintain your social media presence, and be cognizant of online trends.

  1. “Talk Business All Day, Every Day”

social media marketing misconceptionsA big misconception is that business is the only thing you should mention on social media.

Of course you should post business related items, but you also need to be engaging and conversational with your followers.

This is how you foster good, lasting relationships. Show your human side.

Demonstrate what you value and care about. Share what makes you laugh.

  1. “Quantity Over Quality”

Does having more followers automatically translate into being better at marketing? No. Followers are important but you need ones that are actually interested in what your company does. This is where targeted marketing strategies are important to getting the right followers. Considering hiring a marketing company to accomplish this for you.

  1. “It’s a Waste of Time”

A big misconception that lingers to this day among some business people is that social media activity is trivial and the business won’t benefit from it. Every business can benefit. Social media is for everyone. So many people use social media, it’s vital to keep your business in front of them regularly.

  1. “Nobody Paid Attention”

Not enough likes? Not enough sales from social media campaigns? Then don’t come to the conclusion that social media doesn’t work. It’s your efforts that haven’t worked (yet). You need a crash course in how to create quality content and pitch it in a way that encourages action. It’s all about the angle. Seek professional help about making awesome content.

  1. # = Success

social media marketing misconceptionsThe hashtag. It’s not about creating a saying and putting a hashtag in front of it to be cool. Hashtags trend on social media and that’s an opportunity to get your business noticed in the conversation. Find out what’s trending and use what you can. A hashtag in marketing is meant to identify you and call people to action.

And don’t hashtag everything. Overusing looks lame.

  1. “Cross-Posting is Hard and Painful”

You simply have to use more than one platform to post your message. The misconception is that you shouldn’t do it because you will be repeating or it’s time consuming. Use an app like Hootsuite to post to the media you choose at the click of a button. Simple, easy, fast. Hit Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest all at the same time.

To really clear up the misconceptions about social media marketing and get a successful strategy in place, contact market leaders in online marketing to show you proven techniques.

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