Eight Telltale Signs You Need Professional Blog Writing Help

signs you should outsource bloggingWebsite content is incredibly important to the life of your business. In more and more cases, blogs are the reason why people have stopped by your site and become a potential customer.

When your website hits, conversion rates, and even customer base start to dwindle, you have some clear signs you should outsource your blogging. Here’s a closer look at those signs.

  1. Lack of Relevance

Good blogging can keep people coming in and coming back. Once you lose that edge, visitors lose interest. News from the world and your local community is a good source of content with more potential for you than you know. A professional writer and a professional content marketing company can harness the up-to-the-minute news/issues and weave them in with your business style, products and services to create ‘must read’ content.

  1. Not Liking Criticism

Do you get upset and feel the need to defend yourself when someone criticizes

your blog(s) via Facebook, Instagram, or other social media? If so, you may be a bit too close to the issue. Try outsourcing your blogging to keep yourself more at arm’s length from the trolls. You could even have your blogger write responses for you, under your guidance.

  1. Inactive Social Media

Social media, including blogging, provide the lifeblood of many businesses today. When the comments, likes and other activity go quiet, you’re not getting in front of their eyes. Time to change it up and outsource. If you’re not engaged, you lose potential customers.

  1. ‘Oh, Anyone Can Write a Decent Blog’

signs you should outsource bloggingNot true. Do you know what your brand voice is? Can you write in it? Can you structure a blog with a hook, a problem to be solved, a solution, and a pay off? Are you creating informative content that’s conversational and engaging? What about SEO? When you outsource your blogging to the professionals, you’re guaranteed all that and more.

  1. Low Turn-Up and Conversion

Your site looks good. You have plenty of content. You’re advertising. Yet, despite doing all of this, the engagement isn’t there. Site visitors are not turning up and therefore not buying. Clearly something’s not quite right with what you’re doing. This may be good time to hire the pros, who are fully trained in SEO and boosting your visibility and engagement through their blogging success.

  1. Posting Irregularly

Posting engaging and useful content takes time. For most business owners, posting becomes a chore that gets placed down the priority list, so they do it whenever the mood strikes them. Unfortunately, that’s not how marketing should work. You need to be ‘in front of’ your customers. Outsource your blogging so it will be done in a timely fashion while you carry on with your other work.

  1. SEO Unfriendly

signs you should outsource bloggingThe better your site ranks in searches, the more visitors – and sales – you get. If your site repeatedly ranks on page 5 of searches, it’s time for an overhaul of SEO. That starts with outsourcing your blogging and your page content writing.

You need an immediate injection of the latest SEO techniques into your site so searches will find it.

  1. Mismatched Brand or Profile

Your site may be easy to navigate and you have lots of content; but if your content isn’t matching you brand identity or profile, your site will feel disjointed and put off visitors. Outsource your blogging and content management to professionals who will take a systematic approach to understand you, understand your business, and understand your market and customers – then work their magic to generate content that matches your brand and profile perfectly.

If you’ve read this far, it’s a safe bet you’re relating to some of these signs that you should outsource your blogging. There’s no time like the present to make a strategic change. The business world moves quickly, so make sure your online visibility is increasing quickly and not decreasing!

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