How Email Marketing Can Rev Up Your eCommerce

email marketing for ecommerceWhen people think of online marketing, they often think of awesome websites, campaigns going viral via social media, great apps keeping people informed on the go, and so on. But don’t forget about the most effective online marketing method: email. Yes, you read that right. Most effective. Don’t believe it? See here. And here.
If you conduct eCommerce in your business, email marketing is still the premier way to reach your customers and prospects. In fact, email marketing for eCommerce could be your Golden Goose.


email marketing for ecommerceGetting people to subscribe to receive emails from your company enables you to stay on their minds through a regular stream of messages and promotions. (A stream, not a torrent or flood.) They’ll come to associate your brand with their daily lives and indeed plenty of people subscribe to email lists simply to receive offers, promotions, and specials.

Now consider how much it costs to create and send an email.

Hmmm… Email marketing makes for enormous return investment (ROI). Potentially thousand of times more return than you lay out.

Now consider eCommerce where you don’t connect face-to-face with customers. The right emails will make you and your business seem more like real people (which, of course, you are). Make the eCommerce purchasing process just as personal and simple as your email marketing and you should see a significant increase in conversions and repeat sales. When customers feel engaged, they are more likely to come back.

What Email Can Do for e-Commerce

email marketing for ecommerceEmail marketing and eCommerce are like the peanut butter and chocolate of marketing. While you attract customers to your website through content they like, you provide offers through – you guessed it – email! Over 70% of people online would prefer marketing through email and not social media. Here’s what email can do for your eCommerce.

  • Personalize and Connect!
    • Reward loyal customers.
    • Use email to reach and reactivate clients who have gone dormant.
    • Set up congratulatory messages and offers for milestones like birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Get Detailed Info On Success/Failure Rates!
    • Alpha-beta testing can reveal which emails have the most impact on click-through rates (clicking links to your site) and abandonment rates.
    • From there, determine the rate of conversion once customers begin the experience on your website.
    • Know precisely the rate that people abandon a transaction when in the shopping cart and checkout phase. Then email them to express empathy and ask for feedback. Being part of improving your service can bring a customer who didn’t pull the trigger back again.
  • Promote!
    • Send seasonal emails and offers.
    • Email surprise store credit offers – these can be very effective at encouraging people to click through. Everyone loves a discount.
    • Newsletters and catalogs.
  • Great Customer Service!
    • Follow up emails should show the status of an order (receipt, shipping status, etc.)
    • Offer other products. See how eBay does it with their “People who looked at this also looked at…”
    • Thank people for their business and ask them to provide feedback.

Go Get It

Don’t wait for your website to get to page one of Google search results and then expect sales to come flooding in. Of course, page one is great and you should strive continually to improve your SEO. But remember that Google is always updating its ranking algorithms, meaning content marketers must continually change the way they do SEO just to keep up. (This is where outsourcing to an external online marketing company can save you huge time and money on SEO.) Meanwhile, send carefully crafted emails that link directly to your eCommerce experience and get your business really humming.

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