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The Key To Success In Sales and Business in General – Don’t just make a sale. Create a customer!

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How do you like to be treated by other sales people? Do you like it when they take the time to find out what you need or want, instead of just “selling at you?”

Do you prefer courteous sales people as opposed to someone coming at you with dollar signs in their eyes? Of course you do!

Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motor Company, was once asked what he would do if he went broke. He replied that he would look around, find a need and fill it. And in five years he would be a millionaire again.

And that is the basic idea behind successful selling. In order to get a sale, your product and/or the service you provide must satisfy the needs and wants of the people you are attempting to sell to.

Right away, this tells you that you need to find out what is needed and wanted by your potential customers. Then you can match your sales presentation to those needs and wants. You show your prospects how the things you are selling can satisfy those needs. Give them what they desire.

And give them more than they expected in terms of service. Give them more than just an even exchange for their buck. That’s how you build a loyal base of customers who become advocates for your products or services.

sales tips

Show and Sell

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, so is a good demonstration.

Don’t just tell your prospects about your product or service features and benefits. SHOW THEM. Demonstrate how they work, or show them some results you have achieved for other customers.

The whole point here is to show or demonstrate, don’t just talk at prospects.
This is why posters, images, computer demonstrations and so on can help in trade shows and showrooms. Anytime you can show or demonstrate something about your products or services or their results, do so. A good demonstration is actually worth more than a thousand words.

Sort of like in life….. “Don’t just tell me you love me, show me!” 😉

Basic Sales Math
Your total sales are directly proportional to the number of selling situations you get into with qualified prospects. Using a simple example, here’s what I mean…

Let’s say you want to do $15,000 in sales one month. You look over your previous sales and determine that your average sale is around $750.

$15,000 divided by $750 = 20. This means that if you closed each and every prospect you got into a selling situation with, you would need to meet with 20 prospects that month, minimum.

sales tipsBeing practical, you realize you probably won’t close each and every prospect you encounter. In fact, your closing ratio may only be 1 out of 3 or roughly 33%. So to close 20 prospects you would have to engage in 60 selling situations that month.

The only way around this is to either increase your ratio of closes, and/or raise the amount of your average sale.

The basic variables are:

1. NUMBER OF SELLING SITUATIONS (increase the quantity and quality of your promotional activities to get into more selling situations with qualified prospects)
2. RATIO OF CLOSES TO SELLING SITUATIONS (improve your sales skills)
3. DOLLAR AMOUNT OF YOUR AVERAGE SALE (improve your skills and get more or larger sales per prospect)

Raise any one of these three variables and, all other things being equal, you can increase your total sales.

Written by Bob Nelson

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