Is Facebook Live Streaming a Better Option than Periscope?

facebook live streaming, periscope live streamingWe live in a digital age that is becoming more so. The Internet of Things is upon us, whereby everything – and everyone – may be plugged in and transmitting.

We expect instant information and already see so many events through live online streaming. Businesses are in on the act and streaming events, launches, workshops, webinars, demonstrations, and much more.

Social media are the channels for streaming. There is never a dull moment in the world of social media and the game of “one-upmanship” to win favor. The most recent example is Facebook expanding its reach into live streaming in order to compete with Periscope.

So, is Facebook live streaming better? Or should you use Periscope live streaming for your business?


One could argue that Facebook live streaming will crush all other competitors because… it’s Facebook. MySpace felt the fury of the Zuckerberg-led machine and is just now crawling out of the rubble. Periscope live streaming on the other hand was first on the market so it has an advantage, right?

Ease of use (i.e. the interface) plays a large role in which is better. Periscope is still its own nifty little app. You download it, tweak it, and then stream. You hope people will see it through the app or on Twitter.

Facebook is about integration. You select the live video icon in your status update, write a comment, select who can see it, and away you go. With Facebook live streaming you can see comments roll in, track viewers, and the video is saved to your timeline after you’ve finished. No extra apps to use.

Making Things Easier for Users

facebook live streaming, periscope live streamingFacebook is really the one-stop shop. It already has a built-in market for live streaming, with users of all ages and walks of life. Thus adapting to the technology as a “built-in” is less intimidating for many than downloading and learning something entirely new. Facebook is very big and the large audience feels comfortable with it. This can translate into a larger immediate audience for your business’s live marketing.

Currently, the majority of people using Periscope are younger and “more connected”. They love their selfies and Twitter and so Periscope live streaming is right up their alley. Finding it and getting connected is no issue for them.

It kind of leaves a dilemma, doesn’t it? The big market is currently on Facebook, but the growing younger market is turning to things like Periscope for live streaming.

Maybe both are necessary for your social media marketing plan? Maybe better integration will come?


Since we are coming closer to the globalization of connectivity, we need to look at integration as a factor. Periscope live streaming is a standalone app. It’s relatively simple to use. You can also live stream to Twitter. With Facebook live streaming, all of it is viewable and usable from a status update. It stays on your feed once you’re done broadcasting. What’s more, Facebook integrates to Twitter so whatever you post on Facebook would wind up there anyway and you literally have to do nothing.

The Others

Facebook live streaming is brand new. Periscope streaming is more experiences and has done well in a short time. Then there are other services – Meerkat, Blab, and don’t forget YouTube.

Currently Facebook may be a much better choice than Periscope live streaming for you where marketing is concerned. You can already connect to Twitter through Facebook, so you will still hit all those Periscope and Meerkat users.

But the best idea in marketing is to keep your eyes, ears and mind open to all ideas.

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