Five Tools Every Business With an Online Presence Should Be Using

online marketing toolsThe online home of your business is incredibly important. Done right, not only does your online presence get you out to the world, it gives you the opportunity to increase the business you can do. That, of course, translates into profit and impact in your desired markets.

There are online marketing tools that will help you do all of this and more, including tracking what’s working and what isn’t so you can change up your online marketing. No business should be without these 5 tools.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools are free; just sign up and explore. Google is King in online presence. Short of using their AdWords program (which isn’t free), the tools offered are the best way to make a big splash. They show you clearly what’s up with your site so the decisions you make are good ones. Using the tools is simple. Add your site, some meta tags, upload some HTML, and link your Google Analytics to the tools, then you’re off and running.

Google Analytics

online marketing toolsWe just mentioned it. You need to be engaged as a company by interacting with your content so that it is hitting the right customers – the ones that buy! Google Analytics does this and so much more. It’s a suite of online marketing tools, like the new Google Surveys 360. This handy tool helps you to really explode your marketing research and put it to powerful use. There are other tools in the suite, including:

  • Data Studio to help use your website data to make good decisions.
  • Optimize to create and deliver a more personal experience.
  • Tag Manager to update meta tags easily without accessing your code.
  • … and more!

There are also dozens of resources at your disposal through Google. These will enhance your ability to create an experience that your customers appreciate, as well as turn viewers into buyers.

Moz Local

online marketing toolsWhere many businesses fail with their online presence is the assumption that they don’t need to worry about local customers. After all, they’re locals and already know who you are. That Not so! Moz Local is one of the more important online marketing tools at your disposal.

You enter your information into Moz and they do all the work getting that information into data aggregators. In turn, this allows the major search engines to find and collect your information. This means everyone – local and elsewhere – can find you easily. The cost is negligible at around $84 a year.

Facebook Audience Insights

Over the years, Facebook has established itself as one of the best places to promote and build your business. It’s been developing and expanding on its tools to help you do just that. Facebook Audience Insights is a free analytical tool that you access from the Ads Manager. It provides a ton of data on demographics and their behaviors, in relation to your particular audience. With this, you can pinpoint issues in exposure and target certain demographics to increase your impact.


This is one of the most underutilized online marketing tools in the list. Everyone thinks they can make a newsletter, e-mail it, and their business will grow. That’s not how it works. MailChimp is used by Fortune 500 companies to provide customers and leads marketing content they actually want. You can track open rates of newsletters, create marketing campaigns through an easy drag/drop interface, and utilize hundreds of templates.

Use these five online marketing tools and you’ll be forging ahead with clarity and purpose. Meanwhile, ask an external online marketing company to analyze and streamline your marketing and online presence.

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