Five Web Design Trends to Increase Conversion Rates

web design trendsMany people in business have a mindset that their website is like a brochure or catalogue, when in fact it is so much more. It is the hub of an entire business and its approach to sales and customer service. In the past 10 years, websites have moved from being information pages to being interactive tools for hooking and converting leads and conducting business. Therefore, it makes sense for a business to update its website to incorporate the kind of web design trends that are proven to increase conversion rates.

A great-looking website is good, but not necessarily enough to convert a lead into a customer. It has to connect with, and engage, its audience. An effective website should, of course, be visually appealing, but it should also be intuitive, dynamic, even interactive.

Online marketing specialists and web designers have extraordinary knowledge about how people browse sites, make decisions, and convert into customers (or not).

The latest web design trends include all kinds of user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) innovations to help grab leads, engage curiosity, and guide users along the sales process. Try some of these to increase clicks and conversions. Or else engage professionals to guide your web design.


Your website simply must adjust perfectly for every size of screen and device. Graphics and videos must adjust accordingly and pages must load efficiently. Large graphics make a site very slow.

Full-Width Images

web design trendsGrab attention right off the bat. Visitors will decide to stay or leave within a few seconds.

Large images make people take notice. Why do you think billboards work? Noticing can cause pausing and reflecting that, in turn, can contribute towards an increase in conversion levels.

Of course, large images across the screen are not a single panacea. Combine this with many other web design trends.


web design trendsSimple, flat design that is orderly and laid out with pictures and sections like a grid.

You can use cards alone (like Pinterest) or add some below a banner (like Results Professional Marketing) or beside a banner (like White Frontier).

Way better than filling a screen with text and a couple of pictures. Guide visitors visually and intuitively.


UX like clicking preferences and ideas makes a website feel more like an app. It’s interactive and the user feels a sense of control and a more human interest/connection. Small interactive ideas can include status update (with an order, for example), highlighting recent changes or updates or specials, and calls to action.

Just don’t go crazy with asking users to click, lest it become annoying.

Easy Call to Action Navigation

web design trendsCTA is all about converting leads to sales. Guide a lead through the decision process, especially if the lead can build a preview order.

Show the way clearly by eliminating distractions like sidebars and clutter.

All that secondary navigation stuff can go behind a menu icon. Keep the sale process clean and easy.

By the way, keep your CTA button(s) visible at all times on every page.

There are many other web design trends and ideas to convert more sales – like infographics, video, color schemes, typography choices, split screen layout, and so on. Discuss them with dedicated website and online marketing professionals who can give your online presence a complete checkup. You’ll be glad you did.

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