Four Signs That You Need to Outsource Your Company’s Marketing

when to outsource marketingDo you have the internal resources to market your business effectively and maximize its exposure?

For small to medium enterprises that don’t have large marketing budgets and can’t be involved in outbound marketing (TV, radio, print media, etc.), inbound marketing using digital channels is essential for attracting customers and nurturing them through the sales cycle. Staying up to date with online marketing techniques is essential.

But it’s not something every business can do because they’re always so busy doing other things or they simply don’t have the internal talent.

There are clear signs that indicate when to outsource marketing and to partner with a digital marketing agency.

  1. Your Marketing Results Are Disappointing

when to outsource marketingHaving a great looking website is not enough to bring in business. Your marketing strategy needs to evolve continually and incorporate methods that attract traffic.

Digital marketing is a dynamic field that requires constant attention. If you don’t have the dedicated staff to devote the time to this, use an agency with experience in inbound marketing. They can devise and manage a strategy to target your market and increase traffic through a mix of SEO techniques, online content, blogs, news releases, email campaigns, social media posts and more.

More than merely attracting visitors, an agency can design your website to guide leads smoothly through the sales process to become qualified leads and then actual customers. An agency has the expertise to utilize current marketing channels, as well as optimize the design and functionality of your website, to ensure a great user experience.

  1. You Haven’t Updated Your Website for a Long Time

Regular visitors want to see fresh content on your website, otherwise they may not come back. Updating content regularly shows that you’re reinventing, reaching out and keeping up with trends in your industry. Fresh content is vital to improve your SEO and increase your rankings in search engines. Stale content will make your site drop down the rankings.

A digital marketing firm can ensure your online content is optimized for search engines to generate the right traffic to your site and increase your conversion rates.

  1. You’re Not Happy With Your Company’s Branding

when to outsource marketingPutting it simply, living inside the business every day can blind you to what others see. Many companies cannot fully grasp how they differentiate from their competition. From the inside, it’s not easy to see this, let alone how to change.

An external marketing agency can put a fresh perspective on things. By talking to you about your core values and business objectives, they can help you formulate a Unique Value Proposition (UVP) and Key Differentiation Point (KDP) that sets your business apart.

An agency will use all its expertise to create and crystallize your brand messaging, then embark on a full-scale marketing campaign that aligns with your brand.

  1. You Can’t Measure Your ROI

If you don’t have a system in place to track the results of your marketing efforts, there’s no way of knowing what strategies are working or not. Measurement is vital in fine tuning your marketing to get the best mileage out of it.

A marketing agency will use sophisticated analytical techniques to track and report on the results of each campaign. By measuring traffic and conversion rates, they’ll lay out what’s working and identify areas that need improvement.

These have been some of the common signs that indicate when it’s time to outsource your marketing.

Why not partner with gurus in online marketing and website development and design who will help you to establish your brand and optimize your marketing efforts?

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