Free Marketing Tool: Create Graphics like a Pro with Adobe Spark

“Today anyone can create content and share it via social media, but most people lack the skill, time and resources to create something that cuts through the online clutter. With Adobe Spark, anyone can create authentic, professional looking visual content for their project, passion, cause or business.”

Bryan Lamkin, Executive Vice President and General Manager for Digital Media at Adobe.

free marketing tool (adobe spark)

Effective video marketing was once the preserve of big business and enterprises with large marketing budgets and specialized technicians. No longer. Small business owners and entrepreneurs can get in on the action – they already do – thanks to the proliferation of software for editing and sharing excellent videos.

Adobe has made it even easier. With the release of Adobe Spark, anyone – from small and medium sized businesses to one-man enterprises – has access to a set of free marketing tools for promoting their brand and marketing products and services in visually creative ways.

The Four Components of the Adobe Spark Suite

Adobe Spark consists of web and mobile-based apps that enable you to easily transform your ideas into web stories, social graphics and animated videos. These apps present an ideal marketing platform for businesses, marketers, bloggers or professional photographers.

Adobe Spark has four components.

  • Spark Web App

This is a browser-based web app that you can access from your desktop to create stories, social posts and graphics, as well as animated videos. It is ideal for users who don’t have Apple mobile devices.

Adobe Spark has developed a further three iOS applications specifically for using on iPad and iPhone.

  • Spark Page

This was released in 2015 as Adobe Slate. It helps you to create well-crafted web pages and compelling web stories. Pages are a snap to create and you don’t need HTML or CSS skills.

  • Spark Post

This application was released as Adobe Post in 2015. It is a great tool for creating text and graphics and then posting on social networks. Spark Post allows you to create images and short videos that can be automatically resized to fit all social media.

  • Spark Video

This is a rebrand of Adobe Video, launched in 2014. Use this app to create animated videos and include moving icons, photos, text and graphics. It is almost like a moving PowerPoint presentation; the bonus is you can build in music and audio elements.

Although mobile applications are currently limited to Apple devices, there are plans to extend use to Android mobile devices soon.

How Can You Use Adobe Spark for Your Business?

Leverage the power of Adobe Spark as a powerful free marketing tool to get your message out there and boost your business.

  • Share company news on social media in visually exciting and compelling ways
  • Introduce new products with some fanfare
  • Advertise special events, competitions and promotions
  • Outline your product catalogue
  • Broadcast media releases

As a free marketing tool, Adobe Spark can be a game changer for your business. Adobe is planning to add premium paid levels to Spark that will provide access to more creative functionality. In the meantime, use the free power of Spark to boost your presence, image and storytelling.

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