Get More Website Traffic and Quality Leads Using LinkedIn

A recent count by LinkedIn indicates that this social media platform for business professionals is used by over 200 million users in more than 180 countries. All are looking to network and connect with other professionals. So it is definitely not a stretch to say you can get more website traffic and quality leads using LinkedIn in your business or profession.

And that is the ultimate aim: to convert your increased traffic into quality leads for your business’s growth. The good new is, LinkedIn is full of potential customers and influencers  that can refer customers to your business. The question is: How do you get more website traffic and leads using LinkedIn?

get more website traffic and quality leads using linkedinCreate a Professional LinkedIn Profile

This first step creates awareness of your professional qualifications, experience and abilities. Your bio/profile must be complete and comprehensive, so it highlights all your experience, education or expertise, special skills, degrees where pertinent, and yet be concise and interesting enough to keep a reader engaged enough to reach out to you.

Embed Links to Your Website Throughout Your LinkedIn Profile

Once you have followed all the steps to drive profile views, take advantage of this traffic by embedding links to your website (and blogs, articles, sales pages, other social media, etc) into your profile page. This needs to be done in a professional, yet enticing way to get the best results.

Connect with Other LinkedIn Users

get more website traffic and quality leads using linkedinWhen your profile is complete, then connect with other LinkedIn users to grow your network. A part of each working day should be spent on growing this network. Because being relevant and on people’s minds is essential to sales and growth.

Be sure to prioritize the quality of your network. Accept invitations to connect with others that will enhance this quality and your standing. Connect with like-minded individuals who may be clients, industry peers, business prospects, as well as industry and community influencers.

Join an Industry Related Group

As you build contacts, join some industry specific groups on LinkedIn.  But joining alone is not necessarily enough to achieve network growth. Get involved and participate through discussion groups and boards. Meaningful and valuable contribution will build your presence and help you become viewed as an authority within your field.

Join more than one group to increase your chances of growing your network and thus increasing website traffic. Be actively involved in each one and start conversations on discussion boards to engage other professionals within those groups. By initiating discussions, you show your passion and commitment to your field.

Use the LinkedIn Publishing Platform to Best Advantage

LinkedIn has a publishing platform that is available to all members. It is an opportunity to share your blogs with your contacts. In this way you can generate many new connections, leads and traffic.

LinkedIn is a social medium, meaning you can build up a network of followers. Even if they aren’t part of your official LinkedIn network, they can still follow your published content through their Home Stream on LinkedIn.

Get the groundwork right and you can leverage the results from LinkedIn. For best results and to learn more, contact a web development and marketing company. Then monitor your traffic, and you will see how you can continue to get more website traffic and quality leads using LinkedIn, one of the best social media for businesses and professionals.

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