Getting the Most Out of Your Digital Marketing

Some say marketing used to have its “good old days.”  Before the digital age, the basic recipe was combine product, message, consumer; add your own spices and mix.

For some companies today, however, digital marketing can be like entering a commercial kitchen in a foreign country – the same elements are definitely there, but they’re hard to see amid unfamiliar ingredients and unintelligible labels.

But it’s not that bad. In fact, there are opportunities the “good old days” never had. Use technology in your favor by adding a few basics to your digital marketing strategy.

Clarify Your Marketing Goals

digital marketingWith so many options available online, your digital marketing campaign can quickly become a dog’s breakfast.  Where do you start?  What’s vital?  Do you need social media?  This can all be clarified if you sort out your exact marketing goals.

Do you want more customers?  Greater name recognition?  Or more qualified leads that lead to direct sales?  How widely do you intend to cast your net – just locally or further afield? All of this must be nailed down before you begin to compile a digital marketing strategy.

Your Website Should Pave the Way for Customers

The beauty of digital marketing is that technology makes it easy to control the journey from stranger to customer.  Not only does it enable you to continually survey and track the most likely path a visitor will take by checking your website’s analytics, it allows you to implement precise strategies that will ensure your visitor quickly becomes a lead. You can browse through some of our other blogs more more ideas on that.

All roads should lead to your website. On social media posts, in direct mailings, on business cards or signs, or at the bottom of every email you send, make sure your website is displayed prominently.

If the website is thorough and portrays the image you want, visitors are more likely to follow your calls-to-action and even become a sale.  Be sure the website includes the following:

  • A proper representation of the goods or services you offer, indicating clearly what makes yours better than competitors’.
  • Bright and interesting photos that show impressive examples of your work.  You will lose visitors at the first click if you clog your website with text.
  • A way of gathering information about visitors and potential clients.  You want to know who they are, how to contact them, and why they came to visit your website.
  • A clear call-to-action, leading them to call, email a request, or schedule a consultation.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

digital marketingYou’ve laid the path for potential clients, but they don’t always find your website on their own.  You drive them there.

To do this, you need quality content with relevant keywords. Keywords placed strategically throughout your text will help your site show up under more searches.  One caveat, however: use your keywords not too much, not too little, but just right.

Overdoing it is considered “keyword stuffing” which is a “blackhat SEO” technique which Google frowns on heavily.

And, very important, to get highly targeted leads, you will need to research and find some good “long-tail” keywords. Like, “high-heeled boots with laces,” instead of just “boots.” You get the idea.

Additionally, your Website Optimization should be in excellent shape, and must also be optimized for mobile devices. This is what makes the site appear correctly and operate smoothly on screen across desktops and smartphones. Nothing makes a visitor leave a website like unwieldy, confusing or slow loading pages.

Last but not least, use social media to attract more attention to your site.  Pictures, blogs, videos, social media posts and your offline marketing pieces will generate interest and send followers over to your site – or get them to send their friends to your site.

Your digital marketing strategy does not have to be complex.  With just a few extra steps like those listed above, your online marketing can take your business to unprecedented levels.

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