Hiring a Full Service Marketing Firm vs. Using Individual Services

Every business in this digital age is faced with the challenge of trying to survive within it. Each one, regardless of size, needs a strategic marketing program in place.

Word of mouth isn’t enough any more and digital, online marketing is no longer a maybe. It’s a must.

Using a third party company for marketing just might make a lot of sense for you. You have options: hire out for only the services you think you need or contract for a full service package.

The question is if full service marketing benefits you more than cherry picking individual services, or even employing someone in-house to take care of it all. It’s not just about expense; it’s about what brings results and gives you bang for your buck.

Individual Services Add Up

full service marketing benefitsChoosing a few individual marketing services from a firm sounds great – at first. The initial thought is that paying for two or three items “a la carte” is cheaper than a package. Just do a few marketing projects, get your website updated, etc.

Simply, a piecemeal approach to marketing works out more expensive – in both costs and in lower revenue. The services are more expensive when ordered separately and they don’t do a complete job. Material and content often needs to be reworked because the consistency of your brand message isn’t there across the board. Meanwhile, a full service marketing option can ensure consistent branding an imaging.

Try not to look only at the initial cost when employing a marketing firm. Think strategically and in terms of fruitful investment. Full service marketing benefits are far and away superior to choosing limited services, especially as they bring more web traffic, leads, contacts and sales.

In-House? Nope

Meanwhile, hiring your own people to do marketing in your offices can be less cost-effective because you have to worry about payroll, taxes, vacation, sick leave, and so on. You also have little guarantee they really know what they’re doing.

Things add up fast here:

  • Hiring an in-house marketer can run from $50,000 to $80,000 a year (or more) depending on experience. Compare that with the benefits and costs of a full service marketing firm.
  • How about the cost of hiring a web designer?
  • Think about the tools and technology needed. On the low end, you can use Manage Flitter, a Twitter tool for account management and marketing, for $49.00 a month. Or else there is Sprout Social, which manages your social media and marketing, for $500.00 a month. Those are just two of the many tools you could use. Guaranteed you will use more than two to effectively manage marketing campaigns. Hire the entire marketing package and these tools are not your worry.

Give Yourself Time

full service marketing benefitsYour marketing program is a living and breathing entity. You feed it and business grows; if you don’t, it withers. It’s sometimes tough to find the time, right? Staying on top of changes, trends and practices in marketing can be daunting, especially when you’re working hard already to serve your existing customers.

A big cause of business downturn and failure is not keeping up with marketing and adjusting it according to trends and developments. Some companies have amazing products and services but just don’t let people know in ways that resonate.

Have a full service marketing organization take care of it. You get the best marketing, researched strategies and support, as well as a lot more time to run your business, serve your customers, and manage your team.

The Latest Trends, Targets, Tools and Tech

If you go with limited “a la carte” marketing services, or do it in-house, it is upon you to keep up with all the latest marketing strategies, tools and approaches. What goes viral today can change tomorrow. What social medium is preferred by Gen X people is different from millennials, whose media change regularly. The services and products, and the ways of delivering them, that shaped the early 2010s are already different in 2015.

Can you keep up with the 500+ changes every year to Google’s search engine algorithms that will affect how your website ranks? Can you do so by choosing a couple of limited services? A full service marketing organization can and will. And much more.

Coordinated, Comprehensive Services – Your Way

full service marketing benefitsYour business is your baby. You have clear ideas about what marketing should be for you and your needs, or at least what results you want. Full service marketing benefits you because you provide them with the vision and they handle the details, covering everything from Twitter to web site design to blog content to analytics.

You get everything you could ever hope for in one coordinated approach. You also have full control. The marketing company exists to serve you, listen to you, help you, and celebrate success with you. They can provide ideas and approaches you never considered regarding SEO, social media, call-to-action, web traffic analysis, lead conversion stats, and so on.

In short, you get the best expertise, covering all the marketing bases, working tirelessly for you.

Eagle-Eyed Integrated Marketing

Full service marketing benefits your company because a team of dedicated professionals watches your progress with eagle eyes. Your page views are down? They create targeted SEO content, a new social media campaign, call-to-action content, and even pay-per-click campaigns. Facebook action has stalled? They design something eye-catching and blitz other social media in a matter of minutes to bump up your Facebook following. All your marketing avenues will be integrated to work together as one unit. Twitter, Facebook, your website – all of it – will be as one.

The Broader Perspective

Forget the “boutique” way of thinking. This is another area where hiring your own people or hiring out for limited marketing services can fall down: narrow perspective. They may be locked into certain ways of thinking instead of being at arm’s length and following strategies that are proven by research to be successful.

Full service marketing benefits you when its team adapts to new technology and ways of thinking. The market changes almost every day and staying rooted in one approach to marketing is a sure way to fall behind.

But you don’t have to take just my word for it. A simple call that costs nothing and creates no obligation could be the first step to a marketing revolution for your company and an even brighter future. And you will be the one who made it happen and can take all the credit.

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