Houzz Marketing for Home Builders

houzz marketingUsing Houzz for marketing a construction company has huge potential.

You may think Houzz is simply a website dedicated to showing off design, construction and architecture ideas and creations, but it is also a social media outlet.

The potential of Houzz marketing may be greater than you realize.

What is Houzz?

Houzz is social media for builders and fans of the process. There’s dozens of categories and hundreds of thousands of pictures. Helpful articles are written by professionals and there’s a forum to connect and discuss. Houzz promotes interaction between you and potential clients with ease, fluidity and eye-catching layout. With this in mind, a Houzz marketing plan could already be taking shape.

Is Houzz Important for a Builder?

houzz marketingYou bet!

With your existing marketing in place, and the money and time devoted to it, some (mistaken) people see a Houzz marketing plan as just another thing to worry about. But it’s something that can place your business in front of many potential clients.

Because the people using Houzz know what they want, it helps you source those looking to make home improvements or to build. You can show off your work and interact with people by answering questions and taking part in discussions. Many people using Houzz are looking for creative ideas for their homes, which gives you an opportunity to make those ideas a reality for them.

Best of all, it’s free.

Getting Set Up is Simple

It’s simpler than signing up for Facebook and the process actually helps you in your marketing on the platform. You simply sign up with the name of your business, a description of it, phone number, where you’re located, and photo to use for your profile. Your company logo makes a great profile pic. Simple. Just be consistent across the other platforms you use like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Marketing on Houzz: A Few Simple Steps

houzz marketingMaking a Houzz marketing plan is not at all difficult and there are no special or tricky instructions. Still, a good idea is to ensure your marketing department goes over it and incorporates it into the overall marketing plan, or else use a company specializing in internet marketing to help you.

  1. Show Off Your Stuff. The people coming to Houzz are lovers of design and home construction, so give them something eye-popping to look at! Upload high-res images of your finest work, organized by project, so they can see what you do and how well you do it. If you have “before and after” shots, they can be very handy for marketing.
  2. Use the Ideabook. Many visitors are looking for inspiration. Browse Houzz and add your photos to relevant threads. As part of your Houzz marketing plan, create your own Ideabooks using your projects as examples separated by categories like “The Rustic Kitchen”.
  3. Houzz is a social community so… be social! Make friends with other professionals and reach out to people you may be interested in working with. Create a discussion and interact in other conversations by offering help. One of the best ways to fully commit to a Houzz marketing plan is to solve problems people have. You become an authority and that brings credibility.

You can track your Houzz marketing success by using the site features. They allow you to track how many people are following your profile and how often a picture has been saved to an Ideabook. You can even track keywords used on the site.

So, get marketing on Houzz and see for yourself that you can indeed have something great for free – and have fun doing it!

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