How Windows 8 & 10 are Changing the Layout of Websites

Mobile devices with Windows 8 lookSince its launch in late 2012, the Windows 8 operating system has been quite a trendsetter, affecting website design, modernizing website layout and reminding us that we truly do live in a mobile world.

Primarily designed to adapt to mobile operating systems, Windows 8 included major improvements to touch-screen capabilities. Some users initially found it unwieldy when using a keyboard and a mouse. Despite any criticism, however, 60 million Windows 8 licenses were sold within the first six months.

When designing a website, here are a few key aspects to keep in mind when going for the Windows 8 look.

Become a Minimalist

Windows 8 has brought the old adage “Less is more” to new heights. The basic style of the new operating system proves that website design layout in 2014 is less about the fancy and more about simplicity. Just like modern architecture sports the sleek, clean motif, so does a well-designed website.

Here are a few tips about the minimalist theme for designing a website:

• Drop the shadows and other gimmicks when it comes to fonts. Flat design is what’s in vogue.
• Now is not the time to be wordy. Keep text to a minimum, being precise with your choice of language. Online visitors seem to be veering away from large blocks of text with increasing frequency.
• On scroll-down websites, icons and roll-downs should shrink as visitors scroll down the page.

The Shift to Scroll-Down Websites

The trend of multi-page websites is beginning to fade. Consumers are leaning away from the hassle of having to click through a website on their phone or other mobile device—they want to be able to read and access everything on one page. Hence, the Scroll-Down Website, expertly enabled and supported by Windows 8.

A few caveats if you decide to go with this cutting-edge website design:

Grab your readers early. Be sure to put your best content in the area you see immediately when you land on a website. This space is called “above the fold,” a term pulled from newspaper publishing—meaning the content above the horizontal fold.
Break up site content. Use different colored backgrounds to separate sections of your content.
Put your writing skills to the test. In order to hold your readers’ attention all the way to the bottom, you will have to tell a story interesting enough to keep them there. Devote extra care to the text you put on a scroll-down website.

A World on the Go

In today’s hectic world, some of the most common times to use the Internet are on the go – public transit, having a coffee, waiting in line at the bank, or any other time people must sit still. We live in an increasingly mobile world. When designing your website, the question “Will this look good and operate easily on a touch screen mobile device?” is a good form of quality control.

Furthermore, if you choose the Windows 8 look and style when designing your website, you’ll have more success.

Hold the Presses – Now, Instead of Windows 9, Microsoft Over That to Windows 10

Windows 10 is now released and purports to give users more flexibility, and more control than some of the Windows 8 features. There are some mixed reviews out there, so check it out and see if you are ready for Windows 10. If you are currently operating on Windows 7 or 8, you are eligible for a free download of Windows 10. But there will undoubtedly be a deadline for that freebie. So do a little googling and see if you like what Windows 10 has to offer.

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