How To Increase Website Traffic and Quality Leads With Pinterest – a Powerful Marketing Tool

Everyone is familiar with Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Instagram, but increasing website traffic with Pinterest is a relatively untapped – and effective – method. Best of all, it’s free and easy.

Why Pinterest?

increase website traffic and quality leads with pinterestWith all those other social media outlets, you may wonder why you should add another. Well, Pinterest is perfect for increasing web traffic. Here’s why:

  • No Cost. Pinterest is completely free to browse and post.
  • Users. With over 70 million users actively posting and surfing, Pinterest is far more than merely a place to share DIY projects and pictures of things you like. These are real people and many could become your customers or clients.
  • Easy to Use. Pinterest is user friendly and fun to use. People can get going on it within minutes.
  • Portable. People can use Pinterest on their home computers or through the Pinterest app.

OK, so HOW do you increase website traffic and quality leads with Pinterest?

The good new is, you don’t need to be a marketing genius or search engine optimization (SEO) pro to put Pinterest to work for you.

  • Backlinks. Attach a link to text or an image that leads to a page on your site. When a Pinterest user “pins” your image, it creates a link to your page. This happens even if you aren’t a member of Pinterest.
  • Buttons and Widgets. Social media success is about how many followers you have, right? With Pinterest you can increase your followers and website traffic by adding a follow button and/or widget. (Try Pinterest’s Widget Builder.) Place it in key locations on your site like the header and footer. The widget is sometimes more effective than the button because it’s larger and can show up to 30 pins. You should also add a “Pin It” button to images on your site.
  • Sharing is Caring. Think of social media as a living and breathing entity. You need to feed it in order for it to grow. Do this by creating new pins and sharing them to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  • Comment. Find a pin that is relevant to what you are doing and comment about it. Never be negative and make comments meaningful so they add to the pin. People will click on you and find their way to your site.
  • Add Your Website. You need simple and easy-to-see ways to reach your website. For starters, go to your profile and add your website. Second, add it to the description of the pins you create. You can even place it within the ALT tag of the images you pin and add the website directly to the image.
  • Go Vertical. Pinterest is a purely visual medium, so exciting, bright, bold and crisp images are essential for hooking followers. Add some text if you want but make it short, sweet and direct. Avoid horizontal images and use only vertical ones. Vertical images look better and take up more space, thus making it more likely to drive traffic to you.
  • Follow Others. It’s called “social media” for a reason! Follow other pinners and boards. Look for the most popular users in your brand vertical and add them, then contribute.
  • Create a Contest Board. Everyone loves free stuff. Create a “call to action” pin that includes what people can win, what they need to do (like follow you on Pinterest after filling out a form on your site or Facebook), and any conditions like pinning other pins from your board. You may find a tool like Rafflecopter useful here.

As you can see, increasing website traffic using Pinterest is simple and your options are near endless. Pinterest is rising in the ranks of social media and it isn’t just for the DIYer, the home chef or artist. It’s for businesses, too. Invest a little time and you will get a big reward by way of increased traffic and quality leads.

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