Using Offline Marketing to Increase Your Online Leads

using offline marketing to increase your online leadsSo you’ve got a website, you’re on most social media, and you’re blogging regularly.  With 78% of North Americans online, it’s likely you’re reaching a lot of people. But what about the 70+ million people who don’t use the Internet regularly?

If you really want to add fuel to boost your online sales, it’s time to use offline marketing lead generation.  Add outbound marketing to your tank and you’ll really see things explode.

Direct Mail for Offline Marketing

Don’t buy into the misconception that direct mail is old hat.  True, the online world outshines paper promotion due to the sheer numbers of your online audience and the instant information.  However, direct mail is an usher that can guide people to your website and likely be an excellent source of leads. Depending on your type of business, a postcard that that is attention-grabbing and sent to a targeted list of potential customers, can drive traffic to your site where they are then convinced to pick up the phone and call you, or fill out your Contact Form for more more info. This two-step process can be a very effective marketing tool.

A few pointers to consider for your offline marketing that could help boost your online leads and sales:

  • Use bright, eye-catching pictures of your product, your employees, or anything that conveys what you do.
  • Provide an enticing offer that requires people to contact you within a specific time frame.
  • Make sure your website is prominently displayed on all direct mailings you do.  This includes flyers, postcards, brochures, holiday cards, newsletters and calendars.  Find a place (or two or three) to draw their attention to your online presence.

Direct Mail’s Advantage Over Email Marketing

You might think that printed marketing materials are a waste of money. After all, an email campaign is much less expensive and is more likely to boost online leads. But SPAM filters are pretty strict these days and any promotional email that gets through is often deleted. A physical offline marketing item stays in view for longer in a potential lead’s house or office. The reactions to printed marketing materials are not as negative as with advertising emails.

Be sure to understand your demographic of potential customers and target them with the offline marketing to boost your chances of online sales. Targeting is a specific skill and often requires help from the experts in the offline-online sales field.

Use the Personal Touch Where You Can for Offline Marketing

using offline marketing to increase your online leadsAny good salesperson knows that there’s nothing quite like personal contact to generate leads and close a sale.  Statistics show that trade shows are one of the best forms of lead generation—and for good reason.  Not only are potential clients able to see your product up close, they can meet you and your team and bring up any questions or concerns on the spot.You should also consider attending a networking event, or even hosting one.  Use local resources like the Chamber of Commerce to connect with the right people for your industry.

There are also a number of apps that will enable you to connect with others in real-time and set up meetings.

There is no doubt that a positive and memorable face-to-face meeting creates a lead and encourages that lead to visit your website as well as contact your company for more.

Outbound marketing may require a greater investment of time and money, but if you do it right, you can really reap the rewards.  Don’t sell yourself short. Invest in offline marketing to boost your online leads and watch your following really take off.

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