How To Work With Your Internet Marketing Company

avoid frustration - provide your online marketing company the data they needThis is a short, but important article if you do business online, and you have hired an internet marketing company to help you reach an increasing number of prospects and customers online.

When your internet marketing company tells you that it is time for more blogs or web page content, pay attention. You need to give them some rough content for blog topics or web pages that is germane for your target market or audience, over and above anything they may be creating for you from scratch.

After all, you want YOUR ideas and message to get out there!

Same goes for Facebook posts, Twitter Tweets, and other social media. And, if you are sending out newsletters, you need to do so on a timely basis. So, again, you need to keep your internet marketing company apprised of topics you want covered in your newsletters and give them some ideas or basic content to work with, over and above whatever they may be creating on their own.

Here’s what should NOT happen. Your internet marketing company asks you (repeatedly) for some basic, rough content for a new web page that you have discussed, or they nudge you for some rough copy for some blogs, or tweets, or what-have-you.

You do not get back to them with any of these things. Then, a little while later, you contact them to complain that website traffic is down or conversions are slipping, or what-have-you.

This type of frustrating situation occurs across many industries, and many internet marketing companies pull their hair out trying to get their clients to reply with some needed content, even if it’s in very rough form.

And it IS frustrating – for both parties. The client can get frustrated because they want more traffic and leads; their internet marketing company gets frustrated because they know the above-mentioned items, and others, can increase traffic and leads.

What’s required is coordination and cooperation. Your internet marketing company is a vital participant in your success on the internet.

So the next time they “bug” you for some material, know that that is part of their job. They SHOULD be bugging you, and you should be giving them what they need so they can do what they know needs to be done!

Providing they are truly an internet marketing company, they can take your rough ideas or content and bring them alive by putting in better titles, well-researched keywords and other SEO elements, well-written copy, better images, and so on – all with an eye to getting your web pages ranking higher and higher in the search engines.

Again, coordination and cooperation with your internet marketing company are KEY components in creating an ongoing, successful marketing campaign online.

Happy marketing!

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