Hyperlocal Marketing: Is Your Strategy Too Broad?

hyperlocal marketingMany of us in business get caught up in marketing to reach the masses and, in doing so, may neglect our immediate community.

Enter hyperlocal marketing.

A business – of any size – can achieve great success by engaging its neighbors.

Start Local and Refine Your Marketing Strategy

When we talk about marketing, we often think big. We try to reach the largest audience we can. While this works for Apple and Microsoft, it doesn’t work for Uncle Bill’s Hardware. Would someone in Germany come to Uncle Bill’s to buy a wrench? Of course not.

Instead of saturation, think about precise targeting with hyperlocal marketing.

Hyperlocal Marketing: The Basics

Hyperlocal marketing takes your plan and focuses it to concentrate on specific towns, subdivisions and communities. This enables your business to focus on its real customers and not someone 3,000 miles away.

Geography and Time

hyperlocal marketingHyperlocal marketing lives and breathes on geography and time. The more you hit these two focal points, the more business you can generate.

Researching and preparing for a hyperlocal marketing campaign can be initially labor intensive; then you must continually adapt to what’s going on within the target area. Professional advice in running a campaign can be hugely helpful.

You’re not alone and marketing consultants can show you how to define your area of impact and thus your timing.

You may want interest and dollars from far and wide, but you would be amazed how much untapped business there is right outside your door.


Hyperlocal marketing is focused on content and search engine optimization (SEO) plays a huge role in saturation.

  • Website: It is often your contact point with customers. Focus on news blurbs, topics, and information based on the geographical area and times when people there do things. Simple research reveals much about people’s habits. This could be anything from restaurant reviews to school PTA meetings.
  • Magazines & Newspapers: Most towns have local papers and magazines. Most are online, so your marketing materials can include SEO. If they’re only in print, still do it.
  • Go Mobile: Create a mobile version of your website and add your business to GPS-based apps like Yelp and AroundMe.
  • Social Media: It’s not about getting millions of followers. Get the quality local ones who are actually LISTENING. Social media can get the word out about specials, new items, sponsored events, etc.

Shed the Branding

Consumers want less branding and more culture than ever before. Even Starbucks has minimized corporate identity in small communities to promote a more local vibe. Make your brand more about local culture and less about market statistics and penetration – to create loyalty that can’t be bought. Promote events and unique specials geared specifically for them. A well-crafted hyperlocal marketing program makes you appear interested in the community and also as a leader in it.

Get Started

hyperlocal marketingIf you want to really make this work, use knowledge from marketing experts who can help plan and focus your campaign. Meanwhile, here’s what you can do now:

  1. Local Newspapers. Find them and advertise in them. They’re inexpensive and distributed widely – often free – to your community.
  2. Daily Deals Sites. Create canny deals that encourage multiple visits.
  3. Collaborate and Penetrate. Partner with a non-competitor business not in your area. Together you can reach more people.
  4. People always love free stuff. Even a pair of socks. Stage a contest and use your website and social media.
  5. Partnering with a local charity is very smart marketing. Donate some proceeds and they’ll advertise for you.

Hyperlocal marketing can penetrate your community like never before and make people very loyal to you. In this corporate world, local loyalty is becoming more important than ever. Learn the strategies and watch your business grow.

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