The Important Differences Between Social Impression and Reach

social impression and vs reachSocial impression and reach have some similarities, but also some glaring differences. These are important to know as you plan your social media marketing strategy, especially with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Why? The simple answer is because you need correct figures about how many people are engaging with your content so you can target an audience precisely.

Many people tend to mix up social impression and social reach, which can seriously impact marketing. Learn the differences and pay attention to the specific metrics of reach and impression so your engagement levels stay up.

Social Reach

Social reach is about how many people see your content across social media. It tells you how many unique individual people saw your content. (Impression is different, as you’re about to see.)

Don’t assume everyone who follows you on social media will see everything you post. But by using the count of how many people saw your posts, you can get an idea of your effective audience. You can also gauge what topics or ideas or tactics tend to achieve wider reach.

Social Impression

social impression and vs reachSocial impression is a much less reliable figure and people get tripped up frequently on this one. It is about your content being displayed in people’s social media feeds without them necessarily engaging with it. It gets murky because the content could appear three times in one person’s feed, for example, which counts as three impressions. How? Say a person saw your post in their feed and later saw it in their feed a second and third time because two friends shared it. That counts as three impressions for the one posting and the one person.

Not really a reliable measure, right? A figure of 500 social impressions could potentially mean only 150 people saw the post.

Engagement is the Name of the Game

Engagement is the culmination of both social reach and impressions. Engagement deals with how many times your content has been interacted with. This includes the number of people clicking a link on your Facebook post or Instagram post or tweet, how many people clicked <Like>, how many times the content was shared, sometimes even the age groups and geographical patterns of people looking at your content, and so on. Another metric measured by engagement is how many people comment on a post. You can use this info to determine what the numbers mean for your content marketing strategy.

Importance of it All

social impression and vs reachSocial impression and reach, along with calculated engagement, can combine together to make one big social media weapon for you.

Follow what the combination of data tells you so you can reach the largest audience, reach the appropriate demographic or market, and even know when is the best time of day to post content.

In the end, you can focus your content and increase your visitor numbers to help your brand and your bottom line.

Hire Help

Still confused about social reach and social impressions? Hire a content marketing company to generate strategies that will ensure your business’s content bursts through the glass ceiling and is seen by a lot more people.

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