Increase Website Traffic and Quality Leads Using Twitter

Increase Website Traffic and Quality Leads Using TwitterFact: Hundreds of millions of people use Twitter daily. They use it to share and discuss current events and ideas, communicate with friends and family, follow news stories, follow celebrities, and research products.

But used correctly, Twitter is also an exceptional marketplace for business leaders. If you and your business are not on Twitter, you are missing huge opportunities.

As with any marketing strategy, the benefits of using Twitter can be achieved only by understanding how to build a qualified audience. Let’s look at techniques to increase your website traffic using Twitter and to attract sales leads.

Show That You Are On Twitter

The first step – other than to get a Twitter account – is to put a “Follow us on Twitter” button on every page of your website. It’s simple but vital to let people know your company is active in today’s modern media and markets.

Then in your blogs add easy-to-see buttons for readers to share content to Twitter and other social media. More shares means more presence and potentially more website hits and sales leads.

Share Quality Content

Many business leaders have developed a strong Twitter following organically by crafting quality “share-worthy” content for their followers. To find topics that others will consider “share-worthy”, you can use tools like Buzzsumo, which can help you find highly-shared articles related to your specific niche. You can then craft content that brings interest to your brand and an increase in Twitter traffic to your website.

Create Tweetable Quotes

To ensure your content is more easily shared across Twitter, create quality soundbites. Tweetable quotes can be taken directly from your blog articles or sales pages and placed on many people’s Twitter feeds. There are several tools that make this process easy, including ClicktoTweet.

Be Informative with Each Tweet

Twitter rewards concision. After all, you’re limited to 140 characters for each message. Therefore it’s important to combine professionalism and succinctness. Provide the maximum amount of information in as few words as possible.
To help keep tweets concise, you can shorten a link (url) you post using tools like

Link Popular Content in Your Bio

Many business owners make the mistake of listing only their personal information in their Twitter bio. Some savvy marketers will ensure there is a link to the company’s home page. And Twitter specialists will use the bio section to link to the company’s most popular content. Update this content regularly and you can use your Twitter channel to increase your website traffic significantly in a short space of time.

Be Social

It is well known in business and sales that if you are not in your customers’ faces regularly, your competitors sure will be. So, be active and make friends. It’s not enough to show that your company is on Twitter and wait for the traffic to head your way. Twitter is a social medium, so be active with others – share ideas, reply to tweets, re-tweet material.

Your channel might be following hundreds or even thousands of others – including competitors – but that’s nothing if you’re not participating. It’s important to have allies and to find key influencers to promote your content.  Proactive online marketers can build a highly effective Twitter channel that drives large volumes of traffic to their website every month. It’s not difficult, but there is help available, too.

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