How Influencer Marketing Can Make a Big Impact on Your Business

influencer marketingInfluencer marketing. Not familiar with the term? Well, it’s like an endorsement. Consumers are tired of traditional advertising and have become expert at tuning it out. But word of mouth and recommendations still have a strong impact on potential clients, especially when delivered by influential people they look up to.

Influencer marketing avoids blanketing an entire target market and instead focuses sharply on key figures and businesses that have strong influence over potential buyers.

I’ll bet you’ve done a little of it before without knowing it had a name. No doubt you’ve asked a prominent business person or pillar of the community to recommend your products or services to others.

Discover how a little influencer marketing can go a long, long way.

Targeted Influence

Affiliate marketing, paid searches, display advertising, and email are still helpful, although not always the best and most efficient ways to get high marketing returns. For acquiring new customers and growing your business, the growth of social media has seen more and more consumers turn to other consumers for advice about their purchasing decisions. From this sort of pattern influencer marketing was born.

Influencers are usually popular figures, icons, activists and trendsetters, plus some industry leaders. They are charismatic educators, coaches and entertainers, with large social reach and, like the epithet suggests, they have big influence.

Influencer marketing is proving to have some of the highest ROI compared with most other marketing initiatives.

Word of Mouth is Still King

Businesses, marketers and consumers all know that word of mouth is priceless when it comes to encouraging purchasing decisions. Influencer marketing puts a relatable individual or group in front of potential consumers. This low cost marketing should be designed and messaged strategically. Social media has made it even more effective, allowing word to be spread like wildfire.

It Doesn’t Feel Like Traditional Marketing

Consumers are tired of being bombarded by ads. It’s been said that consumers see more than 5,000 advertisements every day (that includes snippets and logo “flashes”). Whatever the volume really is, you can tell it’s easy for one marketing message to get lost in the shuffle.

Influencer marketing harnesses the sway of key individuals to encourage purchasing decisions. It’s about building mutually beneficial relationships and propagating a message with reach, relevance and resonance.

Sound complicated? Just remember that it’s a way to reach consumers without them feeling like it’s ‘selling’. Add entertainment and emotional value to the delivery of information and you’re onto a winner.

It’s Native Advertising

MDG Advertising agency found that 70 percent of internet users don’t want to learn about products through old style advertising. They’ve become skilled at filtering advertising messages. The name of the game now is content.

Traditional advertising interferes with the consumer experience. Influencer marketing, on the other hand, places brands and products before them more organically. When it comes from a respected figure or business, the experience is more seamless and natural, yet influential.

People Want It

Influencer marketing is growing in potency precisely because more consumers want to be talked with, not talked at. When a potential client receives information that makes a strong emotional connection and is entertaining and also informative, the seed is planted to grow a strong relationship. This form of marketing can leave all parties with a feeling of benefit.

If you need advice or strategy to help you with influencer marketing, there really is no better resource than a dedicated online marketing company that is backed by the expertise, research and know-how to bring you great ROI for your marketing.

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