How Instagram Can Transform Your Social Media Marketing

instagram marketingUsing Instagram as a marketing tool was once laughed off as ineffective and a waste of time. Talk about misunderstanding how social media can transform, even drive, online marketing.

Consider the potential and lick your lips. As of September 2015, Instagram had 400 million(!) users and is the second most used social media platform. A little over 30% of the US population uses it. On top of that, Facebook holds the purse strings, so you can be sure the power of Facebook marketing is being paired with Instagram.

And it’s not just for selfies! Instagram marketing could be a game changer for your business and its visibility to potential clients. Get in now!

Know Your Market

instagram marketingIf you haven’t analyzed who searches online for your products/services and who uses them, you don’t know your market. It is totally worth working with online marketing experts to survey and detail your niche in the market. Then you can target the people and businesses in that niche more effectively. In addition, you can craft your social media marketing presence to attract more.

Like with any social medium, what you put on Instagram is a direct reflection of your company. How you craft content, hashtags and meta tags (among much else) for SEO determines how effectively you reach your target market. Plan your Instagram marketing as a key factor in your overall strategy.

Drive Traffic With Instagram

instagram marketingInstagram is all about the visual and so is everyone out there. Despite being told not to judge a book by its cover, people naturally do it with everything, including websites, social media pages, graphic design, etc.

If you upload an image that grabs people’s attention and invokes connection, that’s the starting point for effective Instagram marketing.

From there, drive traffic to your website – and to you – with:

  • effective bio links, so Instagram users will go the page you want them to (there you can track clicks and results)
  • use trending hashtags relevant to your business, industry or hot topic (#starbucks gets posted millions of times per day)
  • photos linked to your product pages
  • unique content – there’s no reason for people to follow your Instagram account if you only repost stuff
  • active and engaging content
  • creative videos
  • strategy!

Grab Attention and Then Call to Action

If you show something people want, or something that they connect with emotionally, you have an opening. With a good image on Instagram, include a short but targeted call-to-action. You want the people looking at your Instagram to be enticed. Make special offers. Encourage them to find out more by clicking. Entice them with something exclusive.


Upload (with permission) photos of customers. Even better, encourage them to take pictures with your products. Give them a hashtag to include when uploading that will automatically enter them into a draw or special club.

Occasionally throw in videos of you or your team. But don’t be boring! Show what goes on behind the scenes. Or show the team having fun. Or video a special event. It’s OK to be quirky.

Why? Instagram is all about the visual. If that visual has moving images, even better.

Besides all that, marketing with Instagram can be incredibly fun!

In the end, there are huge similarities between Instagram marketing and “regular” marketing. Instagram has a huge number of users. Get your business in front of them and into their minds. The old saying applies just as strongly to Instagram: if you’re not regularly getting in front of your customers, you can bet your competitors are.

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