Internet and Digital Marketing Strategies for the Sharing and Instant Communication Age

Branding, Value Propositions and Differentiation Strategies Combined with Modern Tools Are So Important In Today’s Marketing Environment

internet and digital marketing strategies
Sometimes modern day internet marketing can seem incomprehensible. Why do some brands, messages and campaigns take off while others fail to gain attention?  With instant communication and mobile sharing, some brands go viral quickly and we all want a piece of that action.

There are millions of messages out there in one form or another and they’re all competing for the attention of consumers.

And every day business owners and executives are bombarded with messages, ads, emails, you name it. So, how do you make your voice stand out from the million man choir?

You need standout branding, and the ability to show immediately that your company brings unique value. So the Fundamentals remain the same. But you also need to incorporate the modern tools brought about by rapidly advancing technology.

In today’s environment, marketing can be challenging, especially because there are so many interactive devices, apps, search engines and social media platforms. Communications are so quick that grabbing and holding attention is tough.

But despite the glitter of technology, the fundamentals of marketing still apply: find out what your potential customers need and want, develop unique products and services that meet those needs, and craft your branding and unique value proposition to help you stand out from the crowd. And get your message across to your intended audience.

New technology presents new opportunities to appeal to audiences. That means there is a stronger need than ever to appeal to identifiable target markets and create brand recognition. Clear message and brand recognition are the first steps in building interaction, relationships, sales, repeat sales and referrals.

Branding and Differentiation Must Be a KEY Part of Any Business Model In a World of Instant Communication

Maybe you’ve heard the expression “Differentiate or Die.” Well, you won’t die, so let’s say “Differentiate or Disappear.” People need a reason to choose you over your competitors. It comes down to differentiating you or your company in a positive way from the herd of other brands.

Be aware that your brand can convey an instant impression. And over and above the various elements of a brand such as your logo, packaging, color scheme, prospects’ and customers’ perceptions, and so on, it must serve to differentiate you from your competitors.

Another Key Differentiation Point – the Unique Value Proposition

internet and digital marketing strategiesWhy should people choose your business? What makes it unique? What is the distinct benefit or advantage in doing business with you? Today, information is grasped and shared in seconds. Therefore modern day “word of mouth” spreads rapidly, for either good or bad results. Your brand and your unique value proposition have to communicate immediately. Some studies have shown that if a website doesn’t load within three seconds, many people will click back to the search engine and then another website.

In modern day internet marketing, the Unique Value Proposition must go far beyond a brand promise or an idea of what you do. It’s way more than just offering and selling. Your proposition must show the benefits visitors will get from using your site, app, content, functionality or online service options. Identify a key reason why customers should click, register or buy from you and ultimately share the experience with others. This last part is vital because in today’s marketing, customers have greater power to define a brand and their referrals are what makes things “go viral”.

Modern Internet and Digital Marketing Strategies Can Now Employ More Tools

  • Email is anything but passé. It remains a big part of doing business globally. If anything, tablets and phones have increased the effectiveness of email marketing. It enables direct communication in modern internet marketing. It can pack plenty of information, graphics, infographics, and links for driving traffic and leads.
  • Apps are a huge part of browsing information and making purchases. People love using their smartphones/tablets and they favor businesses and brands that offer easy-to-use apps. Good, functional apps are a huge draw for businesses and are a huge source of information for consumers.
  • Social Media offer much more than merely interacting and engaging on a social and personal front. Social media are HUGE for instant brand recognition and lead generation.  Social media avenues deliver brand personality and reach new audiences, especially with things like Facebook Advertising and its sponsored pages.There are stats floating around that 46% of consumers rely on social media when making a purchasing decision with 71% more likely to buy from a company they’ve been socially referred to. The message is clear that businesses need social media outreach in their marketing plans.

If you need help with your internet and digital marketing strategies, branding and establishing your unique value proposition and how to use all the contemporary tools available, contact professionals who specialize in modern day marketing in this instant communication and sharing age. It is totally worth it, so don’t trip over nickels on your way to dollars.

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