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help with your social mediaAs business owners, we all know, or should know, the benefits of utilizing social media marketing to establish and maintain good rapport with people who could become your future customers, or are already your customers.

But let’s face it, along with running a business, maintaining a website, and engaging in other means of online and offline promotion of your business, you would need a 48 hour day (without sleep) to keep on top of it all.

I mean, in addition to having to learn how to use and navigate these sites properly, it seems like every other month a new social media (SM) site arrives on the scene, vying with already existing SM to get your participation and involvement.

Then on top of that, we have the ongoing changes occurring on SM networks… new updates, upgrades, changes in how they operate, and so on.

Just yesterday, I had a website owner who has a really nice site and creates and markets beautiful products tell me that she sort of gave up on using SM as it was just getting too complicated and time-consuming. And this is a very smart lady.

But she is not the first business owner/website owner to tell me that – far from it.

How to Start – Which Social Media Networks Best Suit Your Business?

Let’s keep this fairly simple. When starting out with social media one of your first priorities should be to do some basic research and determine which of the social media networks are best suited for your business.

If you are marketing to businesses, you would likely want to start with LinkedIn.

If you are trying to reach mostly consumers, your first choice would likely be FaceBook.

help with your social mediaNow this is getting subjective, but in both cases, you might want to look at Twitter as your second choice. In some cases, it could be your first choice. If you know what you are doing, you can develop a good following on Twitter and include the occasional backlink to your website in your various postings.

You might also want to check out Google Plus (Google+).

What if you create beautiful products that require an image to really do them justice?  As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. So in that case, Pinterest is a great choice. Oh, and don’t forget Instagram, another good resource.

Perhaps it would take one or more YouTube videos to really show off your products or services to their best advantage.

(And, as an aside, make sure your website utilizes RWD – Responsive Web Design so it shows up well on mobile devices. Most social networking is now done on smart phones and tablets.)

I know, decisions, decisions. But you have to start somewhere, which brings us to your second priority…

The second priority after deciding which network to use first, is to approach social media on a gradient. This means taking your first network and researching that network until you really understand how it works, its “culture” its terms of use, and how to navigate and operate the network properly, and only then start using it.

As I’ve said before in earlier blogs, if you violate the culture of a SM network by coming on too sales-pitchy, you will become a social pariah, not a social media whiz.

Okay… with your first network well in hand, which may take you awhile, now you select your 2nd network, and repeat the same process. Many businesses do quite well just using just one of the key social media networks. Others do very well using 2 or 3 key social media networks. “Key” meaning networks that best suit your particular business model.

Hootsuite is a very useful tool for scheduling your Twitter tweets and Facebook posts in advance so they are sent automatically at your specified times.

Is It Time for Professional Help with Your Social Media?

There are businesses that have learned how to navigate and utilize several SM networks very effectively in their overall marketing, to great results.

Don’t kid yourself though. You really do have to invest some time and effort into learning to use social media networks properly and effectively. But the rewards can be quite substantial if you do.

If you are just too busy trying to run your business and stay on top of all the things that requires, you would be much better off getting some professional help from a company that has specialists who really understand how to use social media effectively in both B2B and B2C marketing.

They can tailor a social media strategy for your particular business that can maximize the many benefits these SM networks offer to businesses seeking more new customers or clients.

Written by Bob Nelson

Creative Commons Attribution: Permission is granted to repost this article in its entirety with credit to RESULTS PROFESSIONAL MARKETING and a clickable link back to this page.

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