Is Your Search Engine Optimization Up To Date, Or Dated?

What Online Marketing and SEO Are All About

Many website owners and/or their webmasters are still trying to work their SEO like we were back in the “good ol’ days” of SEO.
SEO tech has changed a LOT since the days of black hat SEO tactics and frantic attempts to get to position #1 on the search results pages. Or the era when you planted a bunch of generic keywords into your pages and hoped you would rank high on the search engines for them.

With Google’s algorithmic enhancements and advancing sophistication at evaluating websites, those old style SEO days are gone!

How Long Does It Take to Get Good Results With Contemporary Search Engine Optimization?

contemporary search engine optimizationThat is the question almost every website owner or operator want to knows. That is, if they even know there is a difference between the old and new SEO.  And, as before, there is no definitive answer to that other than it will take as long as it takes! You may have heard the expression that SEO is a marathon, not a sprint.

That is very true. It can often take 4 – 6 months before you see really top SEO results. Longer if you are using the old SEO model.

It CAN happen faster, we know because we have done it repeatedly. But the best, sustainable results do take some time.

Why is that? Partly, because you up against a lot of competition that also wants to rank on page one of Google. And partly because during the initial phase of an SEO project you have to really do a lot of research and some experimentation to see which keywords and keyword phrases are going to work best for the site in question.

And then it involves ongoing tweaking and massaging and staying current with Google’s changes and even cultural or social changes to get increasingly better results.

Mobile Devices and NLP

And now that mobile devices are being used almost “everywhere,” your web pages must be optimized for mobile devices and “natural language” searches. People using mobile for web searches tend to use longer, more natural phrases or expression, not just cookie-cutter keywords.

For instance, they might type in or say, “Where is the nearest Starbucks?” That is natural language, as opposed to just a keyword. And computers have to be able to decipher it, which is termed, “Natural Language Processing” or NLP.

Google has gotten very good at NLP.  Therefore, your web pages and your SEO have to be up to snuff on it, too.

So gone are the days when you simply bundled up some generic keywords. Sure, you still do use keywords. We’re definitely not throwing out the baby with the bathwater, to use an old expression.  But you also have to drill down and find some good long-tail keywords and use those in your web pages and blogs.

Long-Tail Keywords: The Key To Highly Targeted Traffic

Long-tail keywords are keywords that are more specific than the usual generic keywords. They typically contain several words, anywhere from 3-6 or so. Being more specific, they often generate more qualified  traffic and leads for websites. And there are less businesses or websites competing for them.

Wikipedia: “In statistics, a long tail of some distributions of numbers is the portion of the distribution having a large number of occurrences far from the ‘head’ or central part of the distribution.”  In SEO and website marketing, long-tails are keywords that are far down (because they are more specific) from their top level generic cousins.

Here’s a simple, off-the-cuff example: “Shoes” is a very generic keyword and is probably contained in a million search results with a TON of competition. But someone selling “Victorian age laced ladies shoes” and using that as a keyword is using a long-tail version of “shoes.” It wouldn’t get tons of traffic (or competition), obviously, but the traffic it did get would be precisely targeted and qualified.

What Marketing Online Is All About

In the end, aren’t qualified or targeted leads and sales what that seller wants? Of course! Maybe she provides “period” outfits to movie makers or producers of TV series, or collectors, and she wants to reduce her inventory of Victorian age shoes.

contemporary search engine optimizationMarketing online isn’t just about beautiful websites or increased traffic. It’s about QUALITY LEADS, MORE SALES, MORE BUSINESS, MORE FOLLOWERS.  Those are the real results owners of websites and businesses want, the metric that really counts!

All of your online marketing has to be geared to that end result, not just trying to rank #1 on page one of Google. And that requires good up-to-date SEO, quality content on your pages, and much more.

Need help? Consult a professional. In the end, it’s far less costly.

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