Leads and Sales with Organic Search, Email Campaigns and Social Media

Organic SearchYour business needs a steady stream of new leads in order to grow.

Quality leads are preferable, over any old leads, to increase your chances of converting them to sales.

Your enterprise needs creative strategies to attract and then capture new prospects through the right combination of three proven online marketing winners: organic search, email campaigns and social media.

What Generates Traffic and Sales Leads?

In the hierarchy of what brings in traffic and leads, many website owners may be surprised to learn that organic search leads the way and even more surprised that email campaigns are the next most successful approach. A study conducted in 2015 by Marketing Sherpa concluded that the descending order of effectiveness is as follows:

  1. Organic search.
  2. Email.
  3. Social Media.
  4. Referrals.
  5. PPC.
  6. Direct marketing.
  7. Content marketing.
  8. Display ads.
  9. Affiliates

This study took into account not only the volume of leads generated but also the quality of those leads. Your business’s quality of leads can be ranked according to their lifetime value and whether they result in repeat or referral business.

Because organic search is by far the top ranked method of generating sales leads online, it is vital to regularly publish helpful and engaging content online. Particularly, lead generation requires relevant material in online articles, newsletters and blogs.

Effective Email Marketing

Organic SearchOf course, email doesn’t directly impact search engines. Indirectly though, it can have a massive impact on SEO. Done effectively, an email campaign can greatly increase traffic to your website, thus improving your search ranking.

The starting point of any email campaign is to collect email addresses. Most businesses will have a core database of them to begin with, but you need strategies for building up that database. One incredibly simple (so simple that many dismiss it) and highly effective way is to include an invitation in your blogs to subscribe to your newsletter.

Email serves as a reminder to the subscriber to read your latest post. So, don’t include your article, blog or newsletter in an email. Instead, use email to whet the appetite and insert a link to your article or website.

In this way you can build up credibility with subscribers, who then become return visitors. Highly engaged visitors are most likely to share content with colleagues and friends. This can also generate link backs from other blogs or websites.

Social Media MarketingOrganic Search

Social media are huge for marketing. Each medium can require slightly different approaches in order to reach a target audience and generate leads. Your business needs a strategic campaign for LinkedIn, obviously. But remember that a wider audience awaits on Facebook and Twitter, so marketing strategies should be refined for these.

If your business is aiming to capture the attention of a younger crowd – especially those who are never without their smartphones and who have disposable income before having families – then be sure to have a campaign on Instagram. This social medium is absolutely huge with young people.

When it comes to video, YouTube has the lowest bounce rate and highest engagement. Meanwhile, Periscope has exploded onto the scene and is currently eating into the market rapidly. So spend time on video marketing. Engaging videos will increase content sharing and drive the traffic that you are looking for.

When in doubt, ask for help. A company specializing in online marketing can help you devise winning strategies to make the most of your online presence through organic search, email and social media.

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